Samuel H. Allen

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    [upside-down text] se. Am glad to heare that the wheat crop was tilence continues which no doubt they will. are and all enquiring friends. Love from your son Asahel. [end of upside-down text] as well as the rich. At Ecles a few nights ago we were holding a meeting when bro Allen finished speaking the crowd—which had ben warming up at the rate of about one degree pr minute—was just about at boiling point; they said I must not occupy over 30 minutes, but as they were not running ...
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    3 the camp meeting. I mean to try and do my duty so far as I understand it while preaching the Gospel, but I dont expect to achieve any great results, so please dont place your hopes to high for they might be doomed to disapointment. Pres Williams bro Allen and I took the train on Friday morn- ing for Liverpool, we were spun along at a triffle less than one mile per minute, it was a very pleasant ride. When we got up to 42 Islington I met ...