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    according to the Testimony of the scriptures in all ages of the world whenever God was abot to Bring a Judgment upon the world or accomplish any great work, the first thing the Lord has done has been to raise up a Prophet & reveal unto him his secrets & send him to warn the people, that they may be left without excuse
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    The ancient Jaredites and Nephites who inhabited this con- tinent were commanded of God to write their history upon Brass & Gold Plates which were hid up in the Earth to come forth in our day to be translated by the Prophet Joseph through the power of God for the benefit of the Saints. This forms the Book of Mormon and is the purest translation of ancient records that we have any knowledge of upon Earth yet this record gives but a limited Idea of the dealings of God with that People yet what we have obtained was by strict commandment of God. But let us turn our thoughts a moment to our own day. I need not tell you that this is the kingdom of God, Esstablished by God Himself which is to take the place of all other kingdoms upon Earth and we are the People Ordained of God to Esstab- lish his kingdom upon the Earth, build up Zion and prepare the way for the coming of Jeussus Christ. Now should we not keep a Journal, Record, & History of the dealings of God with [us] as they transpire day by day before our Eyes we should.
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    we have the principles of the gospel in these 3 Books that lie before me yet it will not be a drop to the bucket to what God will reveal to us, but it may not be untill after death, but there is an Eternity of knowledge for the Saints
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    The following Dream was related by H. C. Kimball Nov 25 1856 Nov 25 I dreamed that I was travelling with a companion & we came to a powerful rapid stream of water like the Niagara River, the waves were rolling vary high & increasing in size the waters had been muddy but were getting Clear, as we came to this powerful stream we did not know how we should get over it. I turned my Eyes a few moments from my companion & when I look back I saw him on the other side of the river & climing a steep hill I did not know how he got there I wanted to cross so I called to him as loud as I could to stop & wait for me but He paid no attention to me but went on as Hard as He could then a person came to me & said you have an iron rod in your hand which I percieve I had several feet long the Angel said to me you must use this rod & feel your way over the river & I awoke
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    To be obedient to the commandments of our Lord and Savior, some of the leaders of the Church commenced purchasing lands in the western boundaries of the State of Missouri ac- cording to the revelations of God, for the city of Zion: in doing which no law was evaded, no rights infringed nor no principle of reli- gion neglected but the laudable foundation of a glorious work begun for the salvation of mankind in the last days agreeable to our faith and according to the promises in the sacred Scriptures of God.
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    The faith and religion of the Latter-Day Saints, are founded upon the old Scriptures, the Book of Mormon, and direct revelation
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    The word of the Lord should comfort us and sustain us in all our afflictions.
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    April 8, 1837 ~ Saturday April 8th Spent the day in writing my Journal Spent the evening at Elder Milicans in Good Company April 9, 1837 ~ Sunday 9th Sunday morning I repaired to the house of the Lord to worship with the Saints Father John Smith opened the meeting by prayer then read the twelvth chapter of the second Book of Nephi & preached from it unto the people. In the latter part of the Day Elder Kimble addressed the saints ...
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    The sun in the east arose to gladden earth & shed oe'r nature his pleaseing beams to wellc ome the return of delightful spri ng that drearry winter might be forgotten. No day more pleas ing than April thirteenth 1837 While all nature smiled without friendships purest joys were felt beneath a prophets roof whare the brides and bri desgroom found a welcome reception. While by law with the nuptial cord their hands were bound their congenial hearts in one, lay cemented bearing the seal of Eternal life. Their friendship formed from principle pure, virtue unsuled ...
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    May 29, 1837 ~ Monday May 29th I met in the house of the Lord to attend an important conference or meeting of the high councel to attend to some important business of the Church let memory speak upon this subject two {of the presidency} two {of the Twelve and} one {of the seventy were stood before the Council for aggressing} It was considered not {lawful to} try {the president} before the high Councel but before the Bishop the Presidents withdrew the council closed without transacting business ^I met ...
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    9 Priests, 11 Teachers & 5 Deacons this with some other business composed the business of the day. meeting closed & we retired to our places of abode in peace I accompanied several of my brethren to Elder Stodards whare we spent the night distance of the day 8 miles June 11, 1837 ~ Sunday June 11th I was called upon to address the conference in the forepart of the Day it was with peculiar feelings that I arose to address a large congregation of saints raised up in another nation under an other government ...
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    March 1st 1801 My parents both father and mother were born and bred in the town of Farmington Connecticut. My father Aphek Woodruff was the Son of Eldad Woodruff. My mother Bulah Thompson was the daughter of Lot Thompson all of the town of Farmington C.t. I was born in the north part of the town of Farmington which is now called Avon March 1st 1807. From the age of 14 to 23 my mind was often ...
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    April 1834 Journey for Kirtland which place was appointed to meet at by the first day of May 1834 that all those who were going up to Zion might go together accord ing to the word of the Lord. We called on the Brethren at Lyons and spent the sabbath with them And the next Sabbath we spent with the brethren, at Genesee c then we continued our journey we called on Brother MCWithy and spent the night with him we also ...
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    in the name of JESUS CHRIST & that the Lord Would give me great Power, Knowledg, & wisdom & faith so that I should heal the sick caus the Blind the lame to leap as an heart. the Deaf to hear stop the mouths of Lions & rase the dead to life & waft myself (as did Philip) from River to river from sea to sea & from con tinant to continant for the ...
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    PREFACE My parents were born and bred in the town of Farmington Hartford County Connecticut My father Aphek Woodruff was the son of Eldad Woodruff My mother Bulah Thompson was the daughter of Lot Thompson all of Farmington Cont The occupation of my father was a miller from his youth. I was born in the north part of the town of Farmington (now called Avon) Hartford County Connecticut on the 1st of March AD 1807. I was the third son of my father and ...
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    should come upon him for rejecting that Book as being the word of God &c. I took the minutes of his discours & when he closed I arose and informed the people I would hold a meeting at the meetinghouse on Sunday and answer his objections. I however rectifyed some of his mistakes in his presence. Spent the night with Brother Eames. 7 m[iles] September 12, 1837 ~ Tuesday Sept 12th We held a meeting at Mr. C. Sterretts & Baptized his whole house hold being ...
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    July 1st 1834 with him through the season as he had taken a job to make one hundred thousand of brick and to build a dw elling house out of the same for Mr Michael Arthur, which made labour for many of the brethren I commenced labouring at Brother Wight's about the first of July I found many great and glorious privil eges here as it was the place appointed for the meeting of the high Council & also the Elders Council and Courts to tra nsact all their business. This ...