spirits in prison

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    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 – January 3, 1838)

    in the name of JESUS CHRIST & that the Lord Would give me great Power, Knowledg, & wisdom & faith so that I should heal the sick caus the Blind the lame to leap as an heart. the Deaf to hear stop the mouths of Lions & rase the dead to life & waft myself (as did Philip) from River to river from sea to sea & from con tinant to continant for the ...
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    Part of Letter to Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 24 April 1840

    will be several hundred Baptzed soon in this part of the vineyard there is now nearly 200 sants here & the work if but just begun to human appearance Elders Young, & Richards, & myself will continued in this part of the vineyard untill we have secured the grain which is ripe for the harvest the work is rooling [rolling] on in every part of England where the word is faithfully proclamd we have sent the Minutes of our Conferene to the Editors of the Times & Seasons ...
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1854 – December 31, 1859)

    A Saviour which is Christ the Lord" This is the Saviour born in Bethlehem of Judea. He said one cause of his ^why I^ taking this tex[t] was ^is^ that a school teacher in Great Salt Lake City asked her whole school if they would tell her whare Jesus was born born & not one of them could tell her it is true they were mostly small schollars but there was one almost a man grown & he could not tell. I think there is a neglect among ...
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    Part of Journal (February 1880 – December 1885)

    Dec 2, 1882 By Joseph F Smith who spoke 40 Minuts we were all clothed with the power of God and strong testimony was Delivered December 3, 1882 ~ Sunday 3 Sunday We Met at 10 oclok Prayer By D. H. Wells President Taylor spoke one hour & 40 Minuts. Afternoon Prayer By F M Lyman. The Authorities of the Church Presented & accepted Joseph F Smith spoke 37 Minuts and [FIGURE] [said]
    December 2, 1882 December 3, 1882 December 4, 1882 December 5, 1882 December 6, 1882