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    June 8, 1851 ~ Sunday 8th Sunday President Young addressed a full assembly of the Saints as follows. I want to speak such things as are in my heart. All that are acquainted with me know that my religion embraces all things that belong to the duties of life The Religion I have embraces all the principles of present future, progressive & Eternal Salvation in evry sens of the word. I labour for the salvation of myself & my Brethren I would be glad to speak to thousands even the whole world if they could hear
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    he did not believe any man capable or qualifyed to speak acceptable to God no matter what his abilities were unless he had the spirit of the Holy Ghost
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    the Lord has called upon this people & ordained them to preach the gospel & make war upon the powers of darkness & continue that warfare untill the Earth is redeemed & the name of God honored am[on]g men who should spend all of his life in preaching the gospel & should ownly bring in one man into the kingdo of God who should be saved with an Everlasting salvation that man would have cause to rejoice through all Eternity over the redemption of that one Soul & if He brings ^m^any souls into the kingdom of God His Joy will be still greater.
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    We talk of sacrafize do we sacrafize in the building of this Kingdom If I had millions & used it in the building of this Kingdom bwould it be sacrafize No If I was called to go & preach the gospel all the days of my life & never see my family again it would not be sacrafize what is our reward for our labour & faithfu- lness it is Thrones, Kingdoms, principalities Eternal Lives & a seat among the Gods then is it sacrafice No
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    O Pratt followed & said that if the Saints had leasure hours that they could spend them to much better advantage than playing Cards as there was a world of Knowledge to be obtained & evry leasure moment should be improved in storeing the mind with some sciensce or learning some good principle and acknowledged the teachings we had recieved to be of the Lord
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    I met A congregation of saints And many strangers at Brother Birds for A meeting At 2 oclok Elder Whipple from the Valley of the Salt Lake was present. Elder J P Haven from the Bluffs Also And A vary full House. I Addressed over one hour & had much of the Spirit of God resting upon me And bore A strong testimony unto the People preached the first principles of the gosple And spoke of the general Bareings of the work of God in the present Dispensation. In speaking of the body of Christ And members in particular I told them I had seen men in my travels without Arms, legs, some without eyes, &c but I had never seen A man going about without A head. And As A natu- ral body without A head would dye so the Church without ^a^ Head would die.
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    Br Whipple followed me & made some vary good remarks And edeyfying He said notwithstanding the Jews had Apostitized the right of the kingdom belonged to them & Jesus came & set up the kingdom among them they rejected it He took the kingdom from the Jews gave it to the Gentile all that were in the kingdom went to the gentiles with the Kingdom of God. The Gentiles in like manner have Apostitized And have not continued in the goodness of God still they have A rightt to have the kingdom of God set up among them in the last days And Joseph Smith being warned & commanded of God has recieved the gospel from the hand of an Angel, preached it to the gentiles set up the kingdom for the last time among them they have rejected it, it will now again be taken from them & given to the Jews & all in the kingdom will go to the Jews with it & many will come from E. W. N. S. & sidt down with A[b]ram &c while the ^gentiles^ children of the Kingdom will be cast out
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    President Young said "No man had a right to Preach what he did not Practice"
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    Brother Benson also said I do not preach things which I do not know I keep in shallow water I wish to teach the people those things which they can understand, and those things we cannot understand I do not trouble myself about, I know it is my duty to sustain the president of this Church if I do not respect the President of this Church and belie his word and I set my self up against him I am under condem nation I would as lives cut off my right Hand, if he speaks to us we must believe him and obey him. I mean to do it.
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    the Lord takes care of those who take care of themselves there is not the pain taken here that there ought to be if we do what we can the Lord will do the rest if I go & preach to the people I do my duty then the people must obey for themselves. I will not do it Neither will the Angels come & do your work for you But you have got to do for yourselves. The Lord will not come & raise your Bread you must raise it yourselves I say to you to stop dealing with the wicked. Stop swearing & drinking treat your Animals kindly God does not give you Animals or wives & children to abuse we shall be held Responsible for all we do. Could our Eyes be open to see the order of Enoch we should be ashamed of ourselves
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    mind, not by force of Arms, but by free will because they want to do the will of God & it is accomplished by truth itself that is manifest from Heaven by intelligence that he sees in heaven and it is power in itself it is on this principle that power rests the Lord begins to teach a man what he can do and if he never would know what he was taught he never would know what he could do. No people can com- prehend it but the Church of God, then one of the main things in the ...
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    today then the Lord begins to teach him the the things of God & heaven & I will make you like myself. I will give you my spirit & make you feel like my family, & this is the pivot to a God then decide & go & be Baptized then you will be in the way of salvation, if he decide otherwise he will not be any better. A word upon the spirit, this noble decision of the mind causes angels to rejoice in the Heavens for their is more joy over one sinner that repenteth than ...
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    April 8, 1844 ~ Monday Conference met at 10 oclok April 8th President J Smith arose and said it is impossible to continue the subject that I spoke upon yesterday in consequence of the weekness of my lungs. Yet I have a proclamation to make to the Elders you know the Lord has led the church untill the present time. I have now a great proclamation for the Elders to teach the church here after which is in relation to Zion. The whole of North and South America is Zion, the mountain of the ...
    April 8, 1844
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    PHEBE W. CARTER's PATRIARCHAL Blessing Receieved 10th NOV. AD 1836 At a blessing meeting held in the Lords house in Kirtland Ohio on the 10th day of NOV AD 1836 Joseph Smith sen the Patriarch of the Church of Latter Day Saints confered a blessing upon the head of Phebe W Carter born in Scarborough, Cumberland County, state of Main the 8th of March 1807. Sister in the ...
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    Elder Adams took a text in Obadiah 17 vers upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance &c He spoke lengthy concerning Zion that was to be built up in the last days & pointed out Joseph from the scriptures and brought much testimony to prove the subject. At the close of the discourse President Joseph Smith turned over the confer- ence into the hands of the Twelve And Adjourned untill 2 oclok. Met at 2 oclok & President Hiram Smith arose & spent most of the Afternoon in ...
    April 9, 1844
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    The Saints assembled in the afternoon and was addressed by Elder H. C. Kimball & followed by President Young I did not attend myself and hence did not take notes but they had an interesting time, they warned the Loyars Lawyers and Doctors of the iniquity, and Preached righteousness to the Saints. I spent the afternoon at home writing. And in the evening in company with Mrs Woodruff I rode out to Br John Benbow and spent the night ...
    August 19, 1844
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    A vote was call to know if they ^the Church^ was perfectly satisfyed with Elders Foster's labours & procedings as Presiding Elder in the Church; the vote was Unanimous. Elder Foster resigned his office & Elder ^Geoe L Seach^ was appointed president of the Church in New York by a vot of the same After which several children were blessed & the meeting adjourned untill evening; At which time Elder O. Pratt addressed the people concerning the Book ...
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    Elder P. P. Pratt arose and remarked that some tell us that they have taught the gathering according to the scriptures, but to teach the gathering from the scriptures alone is not sufficient for by this they would be left in doubt they would not know whether to gather to Jerrusalem to Africa or America. It is right to teach ^the gathering^ according to the scripturs but we are not left to this alone, we know & all the Saints aught to know that God ...
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    from Europe according to their desire under the direction and council of Elder Wilford Woodruff. And further we would say unto all the Saints in all the world that may be visited by Elder Wilford Woodruff that inasmuch as they will harken unto his council they shall be blessed, inasmuch as they will render him any assistance in his mission they will be doing the will of God and shall not loose their reward, And we desire that all saints may use their efforts to sustain him in this important mission ...
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    December 19, 1837 ~ Tuesday Dec 19th I left Mrs Woodruff at Br Ames and walked in company with Valentine Ames to John Kents we then crossed the theroughfare in a wherry to the south Island I then took the parting hand with Br Valentine who returned home while in the name of Eligah's ^God^ I bend my way to search out the Blood of Ephraim on south Island. O my God assist me I pray in this work. I walked to ...
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