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    (I had a dream which I will here relate I saw a fruit tree, & I went into the tree in search of fruit. I soon discovered that some of the main branches on ^the^ top g^r^oing from the main body was dead; It seemed necessary to cut off the dead branches in order to save the tree so I told some person to help me cut them off & they steped on to a large green limb they were afraid it would break, so I put my sholder under it & held it up while he cut off the dead branches it cracked the green limb but it did not break. after we cut of[f] the dry limbs the wounds healed up and the tree grew finely) now let us cut of the dead bran ches of the Church that good fruit may grow and the voice will soon be herd go and build Zion and the great Temple of the Lord.
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    I visited Emma Smith the widow of the prophet she let me have a peace of oak for a Staff [FIGURE] out of the [FIGURE] coffin of the Prophet Joseph who was inhumanly martered in Carthage Ill in company with his brother Hiram. Emma also let me have a Pair of gloves composed of white cotton and Mrs Woodruff a pair cotton hankerchief both of which the Prophet wore while living, we called upon Sister Mary Smith widow of Hiram Smith the Patriarch. She gave us some hair from the head of Joseph Smith, Hiram Smith, Samuel Smith, & Don Carloss Smith, all brothers, of the same Parents I also obtained some hair of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter day Saints my object was in putting a portion of each in the top of my staff as a relick of those noble men, master spirits of the nineteenth centaury, to hand down to my posterity. to deposit in the most Holy and Sacred place in the Holy temple of GOD. on the consecrated Hill of Zion
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    the saints to come up as saviors on mount Zion but how are they to become Saviors on Mount Zion by building their temples erecting their Baptismal fonts & going forth & receiving all the ordinances, baptisms, confirmations, washings anointings ordinations, & sealing powers upon our heads in behalf of all our Progenitors who are dead & redeem them that they may come forth in the first resurrection & be exhalted to thrones of glory with us, & herein is the chain that binds the hearts of the fathers to the children, & the children to the Fathers which fulfills the mission of Elijah
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    Joseph the Seer who made some edifying remarks concerning baptism for the dead. He said the Bible supported the doctrin, "why are ye baptized for the dead if the dead rise not &c" if their is one word of the Lord that supports the doctrin it is enough to mak[e] it a true doctrin. Again if we can baptize a man in the Name of the Father of the Son & of the Holy Ghost for the remission of sins it is just as much our privilege to act as an agent & be baptized for the remission of sins for & in behalf of our dead kindred who have not herd the gospel or fulness of it.
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    Uppose this work & it will roll over you, when did this work ever stop since it began never. The ownly thing the saints now want to know is what does the Lord want of us & we are ready to do it. Well then build the temple of the Lord keep the law of God ye saints
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    Now for Elijah, the spirit power & calling of Elijah is that ye have power to hold the keys of the revelations ordinances, oricles powers & endow- ments of the fulness of the Melchezedek Priesthood & of the kingdom of God on the Earth & to recieve, obtain & perform all the ordinances belonging to the kingdom of God even unto the sealing of the hearts
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    Now for the secret & grand [FIGURE] key, though they might hear the voice of God & know that Jesus was the son of God this woudd be no evidence that their election & calling & election was made shure that they had part with Christ & was a Joint heir with him, they then would want that more sure word of Prophecy that they were sealed in the heavens & had the promise of eternal live in the kingdom of God then having this promise sealed unto them it was as an anchor to the soul sure & steadfast though the thun- ders might roll, & lightnings flash & earthquakes bellow & war gather thick around yet this hope & knowledge would support the soul in evry hour of trial trouble & tribulation Then knowledge through our Lord & savior Jesus Christ is the grand key [FIGURE] that unlocks the glories & misteries of the kingdom of heaven.
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    He then asked what was the object of Gathering the Jews together or the people of God in any age of the world, the main object was to build unto the
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    If a man gets the fulness of God he has to get [it] in the same way that Jesus Christ obta- ined it & that was by keeping all the ordin- ances of the house of the Lord.
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    The doctrin of Baptism for the dead is clearly shown in the new testament & if the doctrin is not good then throw away the new testa ment but if it is the word of God then let the doctrin be acknowledged & it was one reason why Jesus said how oft would I have gatherd you (the Jews) together that they might attend to the ordinance of the baptism for the dead as well as the other ordinances the Priesthood
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    November 25, 1836 ~ Friday Nov 25th Took the parting hand with Elder Sherwood I then set out in company with Elder S^m^oot on foot in a hard snowstorm for Kirtland We came in sight of the Temple of the Lord before we reached the village & I truly felt to rejoice at the sight as it was the first time that mine eyes ever beheld the house of the Lord built by commandment & Revelation We soon entered the village & I spent one ...
    November 25, 1836
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    hand & not ownly the hieroglyphicks but also many figures of the that this precious treasure contains are calculated to make a lasting impression upon the mind which is not to be erased many other important views I was Privileged with in the upper story the school rooms, belfry &C. all indicating great architecture & wisdom we then spent some time in visiting the Bank & Printing office But wonder on wonder strikes my sense to look into the casket of the great work of Israels God in these last Days as ...
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    November 26, 1836 ~ Saturday Nov 26th I visited President & Doct Cowdery at the Printing office & made a general settlement with them for the M[essenger] & Advocate for the subscribers of the South I gave 9 new subscribers to them & Paid them $41.50 for the M & Advocate which setteled all matters between us. I receieved some counsel from Presidents Smith & Rigdon to Elder Parrishe's house & spent the day in writing November 27, 1836 ~ ...
    November 26, 1836 November 27, 1836
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    in the house of the Lord assembled together from the the east, west, north & south many with whom I had been intimately acquainted I truly felt to thank God that his promises had been verifyed unto me by giving me a seat & a name within his house & within his walls {better} as of sons & of daughters Their was four Confirmed after the sacrament under the hands of Elder O Hide[.] President J. Smith addressed the congragation & the meeting Closed Spent the night with Elder
    November 28, 1836 November 29, 1836 November 30, 1836 December 1, 1836
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    December 2, 1836 ~ Friday Dec 2nd I Wrote a Letter to Br Azmon Woodruff it being the first communication between us for two years I also Wrote a Letter to col Joseph Rowlett at Owengton Owen County KY. December 3, 1836 ~ Saturday 3rd Traded with Brother Bump in goods $12.89 December 4, 1836 ~ Sunday 4th Sunday I went up to the house of the Lord to worship Elder ...
    December 2, 1836 December 3, 1836 December 4, 1836 December 5, 1836 December 6, 1836 December 10, 1836 December 11, 1836
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    was presented to us for an example {O God stay thy hand and judgment on Kirtland O Wilford remember this warning escape judgment lest thou fall O God save me for Christ's sake} Spent the past week in school in the Lords house December 18, 1836 ~ Sunday 18 Sunday I went up to the house of the Lord to worship Sermon delivered by Elder William Smith Elder Joseph Young administered the sacrament President Joseph Smith jr solumnized the rights ...
    December 18, 1836 December 19, 1836 December 20, 1836 December 20, 1836 December 22, 1836 December 24, 1836 December 25, 1836
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    December 27, 1836 ~ Tuesday Dec 27th Met at the house of the Lord at candle light with the quorum of the Seventies their was about one hundred Elders of Israel Presant of 1, 2, & 3rd Seventy it is expected the Seventies will meet every tuesday evening through the winter for the Purpose of worshiping God & sanctifying themselves before him. Elder Smoot was again taken sick December 28, 1836 ~ Wednesday to December 31, 1836 ~ Saturday 28. 29. 30 ...
    December 27, 1836 December 28, 1836 December 31, 1836
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    The before mentioned is an account of the most conspicuous part of my Procedings during the year of 1836 which has gone into eternity with its report as the year before it hath done & as the one following & all others must do. O time how swift & how precious thou art. How great the events that are bourn upon thy wings, esspecially in the dispensation of the fullness of times. 1836 is gone it cannot be recalled. Europe hath began to tremble at thy departure. The
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    for the Church. Mooved by Er Kimble & Sec. by Er P P Pratt that a Committy of three be appointed to make a selection of Hymns Mooved by Er Orson Pratt & Seconded. by Er Willford Woodruff that Elder Brigham Young Er P P Pratt & Er J. Taylor form the Committy for the Selection of the Hymns Mooved by Er W Richards Secd by
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    1 Shawl 6/ 6 1 Do 9 5 1 Do 4 6 3 yards linen 2/2 6 6 20 Do Flannel 1/1 1 1 8 1 Veil 12 6 1/4 lb Silk 25/6 6 4 1 Ball Twist 3 3 1 lb of black sewing thread 4 2 pair of stockings 1/3 2 6 2 Do 1/6 3 2 Do 1/5 2 10 2 Cotton Hankerchiefs 2 1 Dress Pattern 4 7 £4 9 7 1/2 I also received a present of a dress pattern & 4 spools & 6 Balls of cotton ...
    April 13, 1841 April 14, 1841