Thomas W. Treat

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1841 – December 31, 1842)

    October 26, 1841 ~ Tuesday 26th got my brick & mortor on the ground for a brick chimney & oven but got disap pointed in a mason to do the work to day I walked 15 miles after masons was vary feeble in body with the bowel complaint & piles 15 October 27, 1841 ~ Wednesday 27th Mr Treat & Coulton came to put up my chimney I was feeble in body but laboured hard October 28, 1841 ~ Thursday ...
    October 26, 1841 October 27, 1841 October 28, 1841 October 29, 1841 October 30, 1841 October 31, 1841
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    Part of Letter from John Druce, 4 September 1855

    Haverstraw Septr 4th 1855 Dear Br Woodruffe, Time passes swiftly away and we have not reached the valley, I have no doubt you have some times wondered where we have got to, I some times am led to ask my self the question. Since you left the States things have changed and still continue to change. I have been foreman of the Engraveing Shop here for some years, but the continual fluctuations in trade have kept us from saveing much money ...
    September 4, 1855