throne of God

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1838 – December 31, 1839)

    February 19, 1838 ~ Monday Feb 19th An uncommon blustering day the air is full of snow and roads blocked up we spent the day in visiting the people they appeared believing. We started to go to our appointment at the school house and we had to wallow about a mile through the snow drifts without a road I froze one of my ears during the time. After Preaching to the people we returned to Mr Robert Baily's and spent the night {distance} 4 m February 20, 1838 ~ Tuesday ...
    February 19, 1838 February 20, 1838 February 21, 1838 February 22, 1838 February 23, 1838
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    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 – January 3, 1838)

    WO IS ME IF I PREACH NOT THE GOSPEL May 31, 1836 ~ Tuesday Spent this 31st DAY of MAY at Br Fry Eagle Creek and found it to be the most interesting, important & instructive day of my LIFE. For on this Glorious DAY I was ordained unto the High Priesthood and also as one of the second seventy & sealed up unto Eternal LIFE under the hands of my Beloved Brethren VIZ Elders
    May 31, 1836
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    Part of Letter from Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 6 October 1840

    came from a distance, we had a address from our prophet after which it was voted that Kirtland should be built up and three ^one^ man was appointed to preside over it I think they ^it^ was brother Almon Babbit father Granger & brother Higby —then it was motioned that a committee be appointed and commissioned to appoint & lay up stakes for the gathering ^from Commerce to Kirtland.^— Hiram Smith Lyman Whight ...
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1860 – October 22, 1865)

    April 21st 1861 President of one of the Seventies. President Brigham Young in his instructions to the missionaries said now I want you to remember what I say to you, now take care that you do not get to sleep & let the devil take the advantage of you. You may do that in an hour that you cannot rega- in through all Eternity. Now you have great priviliges & nothing [FIGURE] but the attainment of the Throne of a God is worth the attainment of a Saints of God. your ...
    April 21, 1861
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    Part of Journal (February 1880 – December 1885)

    April 6, 1881 time we may spend of these precious moments before this vast Assem- bly that we may satisfy ourselves, that we may satisfy our friend But O my soul when I think of this Eternal & immortal spirit that is chained up in these chains of mortality, that while the soul of man pants to mingle with those Eternal principles and Eternal intel- ligences which dwell around the throne of God and the Lamb, still we are confined here, limited, with all the inspirations we can get. sometimes I feel when I realize ...