William D. Adams

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    May 29, 1849 ~ Tuesday 29th [FIGURES] W. I Appleby Died of Cholera I recieved one letter from W W. Wade one from Elder Gibson and the Frontier Guardian I wrote 5 letters to O. Hyde to J. Gibson Little & Hardy W W Wade & Sarah B Foss I recieved the painful intelligence by Br Gibsons letter that Elder Wm I Appleby Died of the Cholera on board of the steemer while on his ...
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    time they had arrived at Jefferson City, all the gold diggers, 35, were dead but two; also the captain, mates, two clerks, one engineer, pilot, barkeeper, twelve boat hands, and fifteen of the Saints, including child- ren. The names of the Saints, as far as I can recollect, are as follows: From Philadelphia, Adams (tobacconist), his wife and two daughters, bro. Hand, Bro. Lamb, sister Hampton and part of family, sister Brown. From St. Louis, old mother ...