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    Respecting females laying on hands, he further remarkd there could be no devil in it if God gave his sanction by healing that there could be no more sin in any female laying hands on the sick than in wetting the face with water that it is no sin for any body to do it that has faith, or if the sick has faith to be healed by the administration.
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    who should have women sealed to them those men who have proved to God Angels & man that they are willing to do any thing that God requires of them at the sacrafice of all their own private interest or feelings & have been faithful all the day long such should have women sealed to them for they will be saved.
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    Attendtion paid to Females some Females complain that there is not attention Enough paid to them in this community But I will say that there is no community on Earth where as much respect & attention is paid to Females as in this Church.
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    He gave good council & said those who spoke against A Plurality of wives & in there feelings will not receive it will never inherit the Celestial Kingdom of God for it has always been practiced there and always will be & thousands of women will be saved there who have been trodden under the feet of men & what will be done with them if men did not have more than one wife Men are the Lords of Creation & God will hold them responsible.
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    October 6, 1836 ~ Thursday Oct 6th Spent the day at Elder Alexanders 2 miles October 7, 1836 ~ Friday 7th Rode in company with Elder Alexander & Warren Smith & their families to Paris & Perhaps the last time that I shall visit the place From thence to Mr Jonathan Alexanders Preached at his house at candle light distane 30 m[iles] October 8, 1836 ~ Saturday 8th Rode {with Elder Alexander} to Br
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    Ohio falls passed through three locks arived at Louisville at 6 P.M. Paid $2.50 cts passage aboard the Havana, KETON Capt The Havana run about 10 miles per hour distance of the day 100 m[iles] their was 12 steamers at anchor at Luisville Priest Turpin went aboard a bout for Cincinnati & Elder Smoot & myself left Luisville to visit his kinsman in Owington that he had not visited since he was five years of age We took the Fran- ...
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    most splended prospect of all the surrounging country for 30 miles, & on some of the highest peaks are large intrenchments whare men retreated to in the time of the roman war, The buildings in the village of Malvern are splendid standing on the side of these Hills. It has long been a place of retreat for the Kings Queens princis Lords & Noblemen of London & other parts of England to visit in the summer season. We had a view ...
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    surge be hurled with all their force into the births of the men, women, & children which would endanger the lives of all on seeing the foundation of this mass give way Elder W. Richards & myself sprang to this place of danger & braced ourselves against the barrels & held them for a few moments untill it was a little secured I then went on deck to the Captain & informed him of the situation of things below & he sent the sailors with some ropes & secured ...
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    May 17, 1841 ~ Monday 17th A strong W. head wind run 8 not an hour to the N.W. we are now gitting into great danger of the shoals & bottoms as wind is against us we can ownly about hold our own. the sea is much choped this morning appears some like Lake Erie We came in full view of Long Island at about 3 3 oclock P.M. A pilot boat hove in sight & made for us. About the same ...
    May 17, 1841 May 18, 1841 May 19, 1841
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    to eat drink and sleep & this is all man knows about God or his exhistance, except what is given by the inspiration of the Almighty. go then to the beginning that you may understand. I ask this congregation what kind of a being is God? turn your thoughts in your hearts, & say have any of you seen or herd him or communed with him this is a question that may occupy your attention The scriptures inform us that this is eternal life to know the ownly wise God & Jesus Christ ...
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    apostates in this Church they never scease to try to hurt me, they have got the same spirit the devil had, you cannot save them, they make open war like the devil, stay all that hear, dont make any hasty mooves you may be saved, if a spirit of Bitterness is in you, dont be in haste, Say you that man is a sinner, well if he repents he shall be forgiven. I could go back and trace evry subject of interest concerning the relationship of man to God if i had time, their is many mansions in my ...
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    9 Priests, 11 Teachers & 5 Deacons this with some other business composed the business of the day. meeting closed & we retired to our places of abode in peace I accompanied several of my brethren to Elder Stodards whare we spent the night distance of the day 8 miles June 11, 1837 ~ Sunday June 11th I was called upon to address the conference in the forepart of the Day it was with peculiar feelings that I arose to address a large congregation of saints raised up in another nation under ...
    June 11, 1837
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    whole study is to put down truth and put a lie in its stead. I want the Lawyers to know that we have common sens^e^ they want to make you believe that when you spell Baker it means cider or whiskey; Now let the Lawyers and doctors alone and leave all ^off^ bitterness and evil speaking alone and you will build the Temple and get an endowment. All ye Lawyiers go away and let us alone, and when we want you and we ^&^ get full ...
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    23rd [FIGURE] I met with the quorum of the Twelve in council, a little time or some of them. I visited Emma Smith the widow of the prophet she let me have a peace of oak for a Staff [FIGURE] out of the [FIGURE] coffin of the Prophet Joseph who was inhumanly martered in Carthage Ill in company with his brother Hiram. Emma also let me have a Pair of gloves composed of white cotton and Mrs