Woodruff, Rich County, Utah Territory

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    Part of Leaves From My Journal

    LOST IN A SNOW STORM. I took my team and started early on Saturday morning. When I arrived at Woodruff, the Bishop urged me to stop until Monday and he would go with me. I told him, "No, I had tarried too long already." I drove on sprightly, and when within fifteen miles of Wasatch, a furious snow storm overtook me, the wind blowing heavily in my face. In fifteen minutes I could not see any road whatever, and knew not how or where to guide ...
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    Part of Autobiography 1882 Leaves from My Journal Notes Testimony

    this was known to some rode agents in the city and they gathered a company of robers and went on ahead of Brother Rich and lay in ambush intending to kill the mormans & rob them of their money before reaching the company of robers they came to a big path ahead which shortened their distance the spirit said to Brother Rich to take that path the Brothren with him marveled at his course not knowing that enemies awaited them, but they arrived in safety at Sanbernadeno with their lives & money, while ...