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Apr 1, 1834

Journal Entry

April 01, 1834 ~ Tuesday

I continued with my Brethren in
Richland through the months of Janry
Febuary and March labouring with the
Church we had considerable opposition
yet inasmuch as we were humble the
Lord ever delivered us

I went with Brother Holton to meet
Brother Pulsipher and several other
brethren and sisters at Brother Newcome
house in Fabius we had an interesti
ng meeting the spirit of the Lord was
with us we returned home rejoiceing
we soon was visited by Brother Harry
elder and Brother James
priest they held two meetings
with us & we were much edefied &
they went on there way rejoiceing
We were visited no more by the Breth
ren untill about the first of Aprail
at which time Brother Harry Bro
wn returned accompanied by Brother
Parley Pratt we had a precious interv
iew Brother Parley preached with us un
till about midnight he was on an impo
rtant mission he with Brother Lyman
was under a command of the
Lord to gather together some of the serv
ants of the Lord to go up to Zion [Doctrine and Covenants 103:30]
it was the Lords will that they should gather
together five hundred but not to return


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Brown, Henry
7 Mar 1808 - 24 Apr 1852
86 mentions
Blakesly, James
18 Jul 1802 - 18 Dec 1866
30 mentions
Wight, Lyman
9 May 1796 - 31 Mar 1858
189 mentions
8 mentions
Pratt, Parley Parker
12 Apr 1807 - 13 May 1857
526 mentions
Pulsipher, Zerah
24 Jun 1788 - 1 Jan 1872
101 mentions


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Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
not visited any more untill about the at which time Brother Harry Brown returned accompanied by Elder Parley P. Pratt the first time I had ever seen him. we appointed a meeting for him he met with our little branch and we had a precious time with him He spoke till near midnight He was upon an important misshion He in company with Lyman Wight was under a commandment of the Lord to gather together the servants of the Lord His young men & warriors to go up & redeem Zion it was the will of the Lord that they should gather to gether 500 men but not to return less than 100. it was the will of the Lord that the young men & middle aged should go up to Zion all that could be spared I told Brother Parley my circumstances He told me it was duty to try & prepare myself to go up to the Land of Zion and Accordingly I used every exertion to settle my business and arange my affairs aso as to go up to Missouri in the spring I went north to Jefferson County with Brother Pratt & Brown & heard Brother Pratt preach several times which strengthened me much in the gospel of Christ I returned home in Few days & laboured diligently to settle all my accounts so as to be ready to start


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Apr 1, 1834