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Jul 23, 1836

Journal Entry

July 23, 1836 ~ Saturday

23 Rode to Randolph Alexanders Weakly County Tenn 20 m[iles]


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Alexander, Randolph
22 Mar 1802 - 12 Mar 1879
55 mentions
1835 Southern Convert


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O. thou God of Israel stretch fourth thy hand & save thy Saints O. America hide thy face in shame & disgrace as the day dawns While thy Sons stab liberty to the heart by Persecuting beating & Puting the LATTER DAY SAINTS to death for worshiping God after the dictates of their own conscience for thou wast built upon the Pillars of freedom.
~ Wilford Woodruff

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Autobiography 1857 Draft 2
Elder Parrish returned to Kirtland ^left^. I continued to traveled alone through the year, and extended my labors both in Kentucky and Tennessee. I baptized 43 persons during this season, 31 after bro. Parrish left me.
Daybook (31 December 1835 - 3 January 1837)
23 Took the Parting hand with the Saints rode to Randolph Alexander's Weakly Co Tenn 20 [miles]


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Jul 23, 1836