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Jul 26, 1836

Journal Entry

July 26, 1836 ~ Tuesday

26 Rode to A Mckinzies spent the night at Mr Hues. 16 m[iles]


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1835 Southern Convert
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1835 Southern Convert


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O. thou God of Israel stretch fourth thy hand & save thy Saints O. America hide thy face in shame & disgrace as the day dawns While thy Sons stab liberty to the heart by Persecuting beating & Puting the LATTER DAY SAINTS to death for worshiping God after the dictates of their own conscience for thou wast built upon the Pillars of freedom.
~ Wilford Woodruff

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Daybook (31 December 1835 - 3 January 1837)
26 Rode to A. Mckinzies spent the night at Mr Hues Weakly Co Tenn 16 miles
Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
On the following they appeared at Court to plead their cause like St. Paul but were deprived of every privilege which both the laws of God and man accord Elder Parrish in some degree pled his own cause but no evidence was allowed to be produced nor lawful hearing granted them The judges decided this mock trial to suit the ungodly rabble and condemned them without any cause or guilt being found in them. And stranger still than this judicial farce was its sequel. After condemning them they let them go clear though the mob desired to beat them first but they were not permitted this outrage.


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Jul 26, 1836