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Jan 1, 1839

Journal Entry

January 01, 1839 ~ Tuesday

JAN. 1st 1839. As I am now labouring with my hands for a temporal support for a season I shall not keep
a daily Journal for a short time but merely note such things as I may deem necessary. During the last two days
I have been repairing a grist mill 10 [miles]

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1839 Jan 1st During the last 10 days I have been busy in fixing our dwelling & fixe procuring food

Daybook (3 October 1838 - 4 March 1839)

Wrote a letter Jan 20 Wrote a letter to Azmon W Feb 17 food & other means for keeping house this is the first time in my life that I have undertaken house keeping & providing for a family of ay [my] own for the two last days I have been rep airing a grist mill & [blank]

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Jan 1, 1839