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Mar 20, 1839

Journal Entry

March 20, 1839 ~ Wednesday

20th We left Quincy in the rain to return home at Rochester we had not proceded far before
our horses got stalled in the mud & broke the waggon tongue we soon got out mended up &
went on we rode 14 miles & spent the night [with] a friend Clark 14 [miles]


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Autobiography 1857 Draft 1
I left Quincy on the arived in Springfield on the Held a meeting with the Saints reproved Elder Dunham for his course in maintaining Brewster in his wrong spirit. He confessed asked forgiveness & was forgiven I collected a donation of ^I returned to Rochester for my effects while at Springfield I collected $70 for the relief of the Saints in Quincy ^which I sent to them^ A messenger took it to the Brethren in that place. I arived in Rochester
Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
On the I returned to Rochester and on


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Church leaders escape while being transported for trial with the help of their guards; Church members move to Commerce, Illinois and establish Nauvoo.
Wilford receives the official call to serve his third mission.

Mar 20, 1839