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Dec 28, 1840

Journal Entry

December 28, 1840 ~ Monday

28th I [FIGURE 10] Received 2 letters from James
& John Griffitts I wrote a letter
[FIGURE 1] to G. A. Smith, [FIGURE] I attended a Tea Total or
Temperance meeting held in a Theater in
Milton Street, which was considerd the greatest
temperance meeting held in London I was acco
mpanied by Elder Kimball & Doctor Copeland &
two other Saints. The chair was taken at an
early hour by one of the most celebrated &
noted men of the last days viz James Silk
, Esq, Denominated in his writings

& publications J. S. Buckingham. I know of
no man that has traveld more extensively, am-
oung all natiouns in the nineteenth centaury than
Mr Buckingham his travels in Asia & esspecially
in India have been Published through the United States
& been read with much interest, & Mr Buckingham
had just returned to London from a tour through the
United States whare he had spent two years
in visiting nearly evry city & town from Bangor
to New orleans, & New York to St Lewis, therefore
I felt the more interested in hearing an address
from him, the house was filled, we obtained
a comfortable seat in front of him, & in conse-
quence of our making some speaches in London
is some of the Temperance meetings in advooating
that cause, some of the committy informed
Mr Buckingham that we were American citizens
& friends to the cause, which caused him to notice
us vary particular while in his address & giving adety
of his late travels through the United States, he
spoke of his Landing at New York & holding tempe-
rance meetings in that city & in Phelidelphia &
Boston, Portland, Bangor, & through the Southern
States Augusta, New orleans, Charleston, went up
the Missisippi River, held a camp Meeting at Lexington
called at St Louis, crossed the country through
Illinois & Iowa extolled the country, spoke of the
beauty of the prairies, called at Chicago went
through the whole length of the Lakes, through
Upper & lower Canida, held a temperance
meeting in the Parliamentary house, as he also
did in the house of Congress, & then returned
to England, & will publish in book form his travels
in his speech he gave much prefferance to
America as being ahead of any other nation
in Temperance & Education & perseverance
& other things that he spoke of he done justice to
the beauty of the country fertility of the soil
equality of the people &c. Mr Buckingham is
an aged man, but possesses great intelligence
intellectual powers, knowledge of human Nature
the most profound reasoner, & humble in
his appearance. After Mr Buckingham closed
his speech, several speaches were deliverd
by others, & the intervals occupyed by a band
of music, after which the room was

was darkend by removing the lights & a
show was presented in the form of a
Magic lantern presented a man in evry stage
of drunkenness, & a score of other things
rivers, ships, cities, Lions Leapords, Bonapart
Victoria, & many other things, & we retired
quite satisfyed with our evenings entertainmen[t] 8 miles


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Smith, George Albert
26 Jun 1817 - 1 Sep 1875
1375 mentions
Apostle, Missionary
Kimball, Heber Chase
14 Jun 1801 - 22 Jun 1868
1408 mentions
Blakesly, James
18 Jul 1802 - 18 Dec 1866
30 mentions
12 mentions
Bonaparte, Napoleon of France
15 Aug 1769 - 5 May 1821
31 mentions
Historical Figure
58 mentions
Historical Figure

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Dec 28, 1840