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Dec 29, 1840

Journal Entry

December 29, 1840 ~ Tuesday

29th Elder Kimball went to take a sitting
for his portrait I staid at home & wrote
I sent G. A. Smith a letter a paper called
The Penny Satirist containing a long account
about the Latter Day Saints taken from
the Mill Star We attended meeting at the
Academy called & spent a short time with Mr
Album, & returned home, & I dreamed of
being in the midst of serpents, & a Tiger came
& guarded me in the midst of my Enemies
I next went through Samuel Demming's
Barns to find Brother Azmon Woodruff
I thought I saw him there. I dreamed of seeing
Brother Azmon & Thompson much of late I
think I shall soon hear from them


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Woodruff, Azmon, b. 1802
29 Nov 1802 - 14 Jan 1889
353 mentions
Smith, George Albert
26 Jun 1817 - 1 Sep 1875
1375 mentions
Apostle, Missionary
Kimball, Heber Chase
14 Jun 1801 - 22 Jun 1868
1408 mentions
Albon, James
1 May 1793 - 7 Sep 1870
43 mentions
Woodruff, Ozem Thompson
22 Dec 1804 - 28 Dec 1893
202 mentions
11 mentions


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Dec 29, 1840