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May 18, 1841

Journal Entry

May 18, 1841 ~ Tuesday
18th A strong N. W. wind sail 9 not an hour
No land in sight I had the perusal of a New York
Paper which informed us of the death of
General Harrison President of the U. S. A. he Died
on the 4th April 1841 Just a month after taking the
Presidential Chair this is the first President that has
Died in the U. S. A. while filling that office.

We came in full view of the Jersey shore & 10 or 15 sail
in the afternoon I felt to rejoice to once more behold the
America shore my native country after being absent from
it 16 months we had a view of Barnagat Lighthouse as
we passed along


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Harrison, William Henry
9 Feb 1773 - 4 Apr 1841
8 mentions
Historical Figure, Eminent Men and Woman


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May 18, 1841