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Sep 23, 1841

Journal Entry

September 23, 1841 ~ Thursday

23rd spent 2 hours in Detroit I went through

various parts of the town it being the first
time I ever was in the state of Mishigan it
cleared off this morning & we had the sun


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started on the jour ney untill 12 oclock at night when a tremendious storm & wind arose which made the lake as rough as it could be by the force of wind & such a scenery as quickly followed I nev er before witnessed in all my travels either by sea or land on water or earth. The Captain of the Chesepeak with other officers, hands & passeng ers mostly expected to go to the bottom to have Judged from outward appearances I should think here was twenty chances of being lost to one of being saved yet I did not once expect during the whole scenery to be lost for I expected & felt that the Lord would savae us from a watery grave by some means
~ Wilford Woodruff


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Sep 23, 1841