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Sep 24, 1841

Journal Entry

September 24, 1841 ~ Friday

24th We passed through Lake St Clair & St Clair
& Lake Huron to Mackinaw Straits we tarried
here an housr saw many Indians who ketch many
salmon trout in these straits which is the best blace
for trout in America we bought a number of them
that would weigh 6 or 8 lbs corned for 6 cts each we
had a rough night in lake Michigan ({I caught bad chills})


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started on the jour ney untill 12 oclock at night when a tremendious storm & wind arose which made the lake as rough as it could be by the force of wind & such a scenery as quickly followed I nev er before witnessed in all my travels either by sea or land on water or earth. The Captain of the Chesepeak with other officers, hands & passeng ers mostly expected to go to the bottom to have Judged from outward appearances I should think here was twenty chances of being lost to one of being saved yet I did not once expect during the whole scenery to be lost for I expected & felt that the Lord would savae us from a watery grave by some means
~ Wilford Woodruff

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Sep 24, 1841