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Jan 1, 1842

Journal Entry

January 01, 1842 ~ Saturday

JAN[UARY] 1st, 1842

I spent this NEW YEARS DAY in company
with the quorum of the Twelve & with our wives
in the city of Nauvoo at Br S. Stodard's
it was an interesting day unto us to once more
assemble to a feast with our quorum & our families
in a city of the Saints in the midst of peace & love
we more highly prized this privilege as we are
called to be seperate so much while in the vineyard
of the Lord
. We have been spared to commence
annother new Year while many of our near & dear
friends are dead [and] sleep in the grave. Whare the
next new Year will find us the Lord ownly knoweth
I pray my Heavenly father in the name of Jesus
Christ to keep us from evry vain speculation & evil
& give us wisdom to govern us in all our temporal
affairs as well as spiritual, that we may not run
into any sins, evils or snares. It now seems to
be my privilege & lot to spend a season at home & pro-
vide for my family it being the first time I have
had the privilege since I have been in the Church as
my lot has been cast in the vineyard most of the
time for the last eight years. As we have now a
commandment from the Lord resting upon us to
Build the temple of the Lord & the Nauvoo house it is
probable that our quorum will spend most of the
time in Nauvoo untill the Temple is built & I shall
endeavour to record those things spiritual & temporal
which I consider the most beneficial to mankind. . .

I spent the evening in the City Council untill near midni-
ght then parted with each other & returned to our homes


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