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Jul 6, 1844

Journal Entry

July 06, 1844 ~ Saturday

6th Scarboro Conference

According to appointment we met in the
Tilton meeting house, at 10 oclok their being
present, Elders W. Woodruff S. B. Stodard
M. Holmes, Elbridge Tufts & Samuel Parker
Conference opened by Prayer By W. Woodruff
Elders M. Holmes & W. Woodruff occupied the
the time in the fore part of the day, and Elders S. B.
Stodard, & E. Tufts in the afternoon. their was
but few present

I spent the evening with Sister Foss & Elders
Holmes & Parker & the night at father Carters. the
News paper stories concerning Nauvoo was pouring
in like a flood, daily, but the {[I] had a gloomy note} Saints are in the
hands of God


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Tufts, Elbridge
5 Oct 1812 - 27 Nov 1850
3 mentions
Carter, Ezra, b. 1773
18 Mar 1773 - 10 Mar 1868
284 mentions
Holmes, Milton
16 Jan 1811 - 30 Apr 1881
217 mentions
4 mentions
Foss, Sarah Brackett Carter
30 Sep 1800 - 4 Mar 1894
180 mentions
15 mentions


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Autobiography Volume 2 circa 1865
the and in a Presbyterian Meeting House. There were present of the Elders Wilford Woodruff S. B. Stoddard Milton Holmes Elbridge Tufts and Samuel Parker. On the Sunday afternoon we had an audience of about six hundred.


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Wilford accepts call to preside over the European Mission for one year.

Jul 6, 1844