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Jun 22, 1849

Journal Entry

June 22, 1849 ~ Friday

22nd I am sick this morning takien cold went to John Luce and went
to bed A man by the name of W. Whitman Hilman, He felt that He
was called to preached the Gospel And the Baptist [church] to which
He belonged would not let him preach And He was much
troubled about it. In the Afternoon in company with
Br Luce And Br Stone I crossed the bay to North Fox Island
when we left Thomaston the Thermometer stood at 110 in the
shade & 132 in the son it seems as though all would die. I spent
the night with Br Nehemiah Stone on North Vinal Haven 13 miles


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Luce, John G.
20 Sep 1817 - 28 Mar 1881
12 mentions
Stone, Nehemiah
1793-bef. 1881
1 mention
Hillman, Whitten
abt. 1807-1869
2 mentions

Jun 22, 1849