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Jun 23, 1849

Journal Entry

June 23, 1849 ~ Saturday

23rd It is an exceding Hot day as was yesterday. Twelve years
ago I brought the Gospel to this Island in company with Jonath
an H. Hale
I spent A year upon this Island And Baptized near
a Hundred persons And took about 60 persons with me & my
family to Quincy I found the Saints fleeing before their
persecuters out of Missouri And settelled in Ill. Since I was
upon this Island before, I have crossed the Atlantic four times
And traveled in all about 50,000 miles And I now find my-
self treading this soil again to visit the few remaining Saints
[t]hat they may be gatherd to Zion


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Hale, Jonathan Harriman
1 Feb 1800 - 4 Sep 1846
148 mentions


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Jun 23, 1849