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Jun 25, 1849

Journal Entry

June 25, 1849 ~ Monday

25th A rainy morning. Brother Stone set us across the channel
in A boat to the South Island we walked 4 miles & stoped at
Br Josiah Pearce And spent the night I called upon his
Father Thomas Pearce 78 years old. Mother Pearce was also
78 years old this day. both are members of the Church and
strong in the faith. I had a good time with them. I called
upon Governor Brown who warned [me] off the Island when I
was Here 10 yeasrs since But afterwards was Baptized And
since cut off from the Church. I went with him & Br
Pearce to the Grave yard near Br Browns House visited Br John
Grave A stone was put up at the Head of it about
one foot High from the ground A rough square granit stone the
grave Joining it on the North had A stone of the same size
with A Hollow on the top And A seam through the middle of it
which would be readily found it stands in the following order
[FIGURES] North J H South I picked up some pebbles from his grave to preserve in mem-
ory of him. 6 m


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Brown, Charles
abt. 1805-1839
37 mentions
Pierce, Elizabeth Hudson
25 Jun 1771 - 6 Feb 1850
1 mention
Herrett, John
abt. 1812-1840
12 mentions
Pierce, Josiah
21 Dec 1792 - 15 Aug 1867
2 mentions
Stone, Nehemiah
1793-bef. 1881
1 mention
Pierce, Thomas
3 Jul 1771 - 14 Apr 1851
1 mention


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Jun 25, 1849