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Jun 26, 1849

Journal Entry

June 26, 1849 ~ Tuesday

[page covered] [2]6 I went out fishing with Br Luce & Pearce in A 24 ton bark 6 m
we fished in 30 fathoms water 25 codfish some would weigh
[page covered] [2]0 lbs 50 large Haddock 5 Hake & got back to the House at 1 oclk
I was quiete sea sick going in strained my side & stomach & vomited
[page covered] [s]ome blood. I preached to A House full at Br Pierce at 4 oclk
toSpoke 2 Housrs had the spirit of the Lord upon me & spoke vary
[page covered] [p]lain to the people there had been many baptized upon this Island
[page covered] [b]ut were now all broaken up some gone west some Apostitized &
[page covered] [s]ome dead 16 still profess to have A standing in the Church


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Luce, John G.
20 Sep 1817 - 28 Mar 1881
12 mentions
Pierce, Josiah
21 Dec 1792 - 15 Aug 1867
2 mentions


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Jun 26, 1849