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Apr 3, 1852

Journal Entry

April 03, 1852 ~ Saturday

1, 2, & 3rd I spent the time ploughing oats & sewing oats
Except the 1st day of April I attended a party at
the Bath House, about 50 Gentlemen & 100 Ladies present
I addressed the assembly at 8 oclock in the Evening &
returned Home. The Presidency & Twelve & those that had
[FIGURE] been at work in the Council House assisted in the Endowmts
were washed & annointed I did not get word of it & was
not present. The Eastern Mail arived this Evening which
had been anxiously looked for for many weeks the
Mail was large I received 34 letters one from Azmon Woodruff
[FIGURE] one from Thompson & one from Ozem Woodruff & one from
I. F. Carter. A large amount of Papers were received &
contained much news from various sources. A Fire in


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Woodruff, Azmon, b. 1802
29 Nov 1802 - 14 Jan 1889
344 mentions
Carter, Ilus Fabyan
8 Nov 1816 - 11 Dec 1888
392 mentions
Woodruff, Ozem Thompson
22 Dec 1804 - 28 Dec 1893
198 mentions
Woodruff, Ozem, b. 1787
3 Nov 1787 - 18 Feb 1871
152 mentions


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Apr 3, 1852