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Sep 10, 1856

Journal Entry

September 10, 1856 ~ Wednesday

Sept 10th 1856 Elder Thomas Bullock took his leave of us &
started upon his mission to England Brother Leo Hawkins went
with him over the mountains & spent the night with him
[FIGURE] We moved the Historians office or all the Contents of it up to the
new office opposite Presidents Young House we had 3 large
secretaries filled with Books & papers they were 6 feet wid
8 feet high 18 inches deep beside about 20 other secritaries Desks
tables &c & about 1 cord of papers which Dr Willard Richards
& G. A. Smith had gathered together I was vary weary at night
President Young rode out


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 29 Aug 1877
3314 mentions
Apostle, Family
Smith, George Albert
26 Jun 1817 - 1 Sep 1875
1375 mentions
Apostle, Missionary
Hawkins, Leo
19 Jul 1834 - 28 May 1859
17 mentions
Bullock, Thomas
23 Dec 1816 - 10 Feb 1885
124 mentions
Richards, Willard
24 Jun 1804 - 11 Mar 1854
525 mentions


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Letter to Asa Fitch, 10 September 1856
Great Salt Lake City Dr Fitch Dear Sir Accordig to your Requst I formed you a small tin box of Insects which I send by Thomas Bullok Esqr. who is on his way to Europe, the box contains one small specimn of Utah Montin spider or Turantula, two specimns of an Insct that has been called here a scorpeion but I thik it more resonbly a specy of creckit, the box contans severl ^There are sever^ specmis of Grass Hoppers I have tied 3 together which are the common grasshopper that infest our Territoy & are doing us so much damge at times. I have not got at present as great a variety of inscts to forwd to you as I would like. I obtaned a vary large bat which I intended to have forwaded to you but it was not rightly ^properly^ presrvd & speifed. we may have an oppertunity of forwadeding a greater variety at some future time Your Resptfully W. Woodruff Clean copied & sent per the hands of T. Bullock Esq Dr Asa Fitch Salem Washington co New York [Left margin, sideways] 10 Septr. 1856 W. Woodruff to Sir W. J. Hooker & Dr. Asa Fitch
Letter to William J. Hooker, 10 September 1856
G. S. L. City Sirs Wm ^J^ Hooker Through the politenss of Thomas Bullock Esq. who is about leavg for England his Native Country upon a Visit I forward to you a small ^tin^Box of seeds from our Mountain Home I have soderd them up air tight in a tin bolt Hoping the Salt waters may not have any injurious effect, upon themtendency, the first layer in the bottom of the box is the wild Utah Mountain Carot which we are bringing to great perfection by propogating these from by cultivating from the seed. I sent a specemin of both the Black & yellow they produce a great abundance of fruit & are are very prolific & of fine flavor, they bear with us the second year from the seed we sow the seedin April. The 2dSecnd l[a]yer is the Utah sarvie berry which we have Described in a Former Letter to you. I have also forwarded two papers of ^Musquite or^ Muskeet & [Murslew] ^the Muskeet^, which is a Desert shrub which grows in the South part of Utah, New Mexica, & Calafornia, it grows ^is found^ from 10 to 20 feet in highth it ^&^ has Much the Appearence of the Black Locus has ^with^ thorns that resemble the Prickly Ash. A The I am sorry to say that we have not been [Enabled] to properly procure & ^properly^ preservethespecimins of the cactuses & flowers of this Territory this season but to forward to you but first we may do sumething towards ^this laudable undertaking this coming season of 1857^ it another Season [FIGURE] the We have Never as yet Recived any Muskeet ^Musquite^ from the seed. Here, we can give No information how the seed should be treated, whethe[r] sown in the spring or fall whether soaked like the Locus in Hot ^or warm^ water or pla[n]ted dry, but leave the matter to your own judgment. I have the honor to remain with sentiments of high respect your obt Servt. signed W Woodruff Sir W. J. Hooker Director, Royal Gardens Kew London England sent per the hands of T Bullock Esq clean copied R. S. C.


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Church-wide reformation includes rebaptizing, restructuring and recommitment to principles and covenants. First "home missionaries" introduced (precursor to ministering program).
First baptisms administered in baptismal font; members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles rebaptized (4th rebaptism for Wilford).

Sep 10, 1856