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Sep 2, 1860

Journal Entry

September 02, 1860 ~ Sunday

2nd Sunday In company with G. A. Smith, Lorenzo, Snow F. D Richards
I rode to visit James D. Ross company, to hold a meeting with them
at 1 oclok P.M. meeting opened by singing a swiss song there being
about 100 swiss present. G. A. Smith spoke to the people in English
which was interpeted to the swiss in their own language by Elder
[blank] Bonelli [blank]. He gave them vary good council told them
to be faithful & live thir religion, not to get cheated by speculators
nor to be in a hurry to get married to those men who profess to
save women by the whole sale but wait untill you get acquainted
with men and know that they are worthy and capable of being saved
themselves there is no hurry in these matters. He gave the same council
to those who could understand English spoke of their Journey across the
sea & plains that was calculated to bring out what is in you. Now go to
& repent of all your sins & get rebaptized and live your religin some
come here and expect all to be satisfied & perfect but they are not per-
fect themselves & they soon get dissatisfied they look at the falings of
others & do not look at there own, but you should go to & be unit-
ed with those [who] serve God and do right & you will be satisfied dont
be in a hurry to get rich, but do right and all bwill be well. When
we first came here the country afforded us Nothing to Eat but
black crickets. ownly what we brought with us, you must prepare
to turn your hand to any thing that is right in order to get along and
dont be greedy to get too much land to begin with but what land
you do cultivate do well, you have come a long way to be saved & to

learn more of the work of God and I would advise you to spop [stop]
in this City for a while & hear the Presidency preach but I exp[ec]t
you will soon be scattered all over the country, we have some of the
worst men in the world among us and some of the best men
I know this work to be of God. Joseph Smith was a true prophet
of God & he Esstablished this work in these vallies of the mountioin
He bore a good testimony of the work of God

F. D. Richards followed & bore testimony of what G. A. Smith had
said he gave good advise to the people & was Followed by
Elders Lorenzo Snow who bore testimy to what had been said &
gave a good Exertation to the camp. Father Phineas Richards spoke
I followed & bore testimony to the good advise given By Elder
G. A. Smith and of the work of God Esstablished in the worldEarth in
this generation. we had a good meeting & the spirit of the
with us. At the close of the meeting we bid them farewell
& returned to the city and met with the Presidency and Twelve
at the Prayer Circle I opened by Prayer. G A Smith was mouth
the first time he has clothed for the Prayer Circle for nearly one year
as he has had a sprained ancle and been vary lame. In speaking
of Elder J. D. Ross President Young said he stood upon a pivet &
hardly knew which way to turn he did not get quite money enough
to apostitize if he had got a little more money he would have gone
overboard President Young conversed about the government sending
the army here to destroy the Saints All the gentile merchants was
called into council who were trading in Salt Lake and they
all urged on the war Except Copening the mail contracter He
said the report of Drummond was a lie about the burning [of] the
Court Records & the Library. He said if the armey went to fight
the Mormons they would have to winter in the mountains for
the mormons would not let them come in & would fight them
if they attempted it and it proved true they were kept in
the mountains


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1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
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Richards, Franklin Dewey
2 Apr 1821 - 9 Dec 1899
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Smith, George Albert
26 Jun 1817 - 1 Sep 1875
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Smith, Joseph (Jr.)
23 Dec 1805 - 27 Jun 1844
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Snow, Lorenzo
3 Apr 1814 - 10 Oct 1901
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Richards, Phineas Howe
15 Nov 1788 - 25 Nov 1874
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Sep 2, 1860