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Apr 30, 1867

Journal Entry

April 30, 1867 ~ Tuesday

30. I met with the Twelve at Bishop Murdocks &
the subject of A. Lyman was again taken up and
investigated and he was silenced from Preaching
because he had done away with the blood of Christ
in his teaching. When President Young put the vote to
the Twelve all four of us viz John Taylor W. Woodruff
G A. Smith & G. Q Cannon gave their vote & consent
we then drove to Parawan 35 Miles

we held a meeting in the Meeting House Prayer By G Q
Cannon J F Smith spoke 22 M[inutes], G. A. Smith 20
W Woodruff 16, G. Q. Cannon ^20^ President Young spoke
18 Minutes & J Taylor dismissed. 205 children
in a row was in the street to welcome our arival
80 boys 125 girls. I spent the nights at Brother Wests


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Lyman, Amasa Mason
30 Mar 1813 - 4 Feb 1877
288 mentions
Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3307 mentions
Apostle, Family
Smith, George Albert
26 Jun 1817 - 1 Sep 1875
1374 mentions
Apostle, Missionary
Cannon, George Quayle
11 Jan 1827 - 12 Apr 1901
1986 mentions
28 mentions
Taylor, John, b. 1808
1 Nov 1808 - 25 Jul 1887
1852 mentions
Smith, Joseph Fielding
13 Nov 1838 - 19 Nov 1918
3614 mentions


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Apr 30, 1867