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Oct 12, 1869

Journal Entry

October 12, 1869 ~ Tuesday

12. I spent the day in the Endowment House we gave Endowments to
58 W Woodruff sealed 23 couple J F Smith 13. My daughter
Phebe Amelia Woodruff Snow, was Baptized for 8 person
as follows Sally Thompson Great Grand Mother Heart
Grand Mother Anna Kilborn Hart, Prudence Gridley Hart
Anna Hart Cossett, Bulah Hart, Mrs Robert Mason
Urena Kilborn Hoskins Mason

Phebe Amelia Woodruff Snow was Baptized for the following

Sally Thompson, Great Grand Mother ^Ann Barnes 705^ Heart, Grand Mother Anna
Kilborn Hart
, Prudence Gridly Heart, Anna Hart Cossett,
Bulah Hart, Mrs Robert Mason, Urena Kilborn Hoskins Mason.


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Mason, Chloe Case
19 Jul 1756 - 17 May 1815
4 mentions
Smith, Joseph Fielding
13 Nov 1838 - 19 Nov 1918
3564 mentions
Woodruff, Phoebe Amelia Snow
4 Mar 1842 - 15 Feb 1919
334 mentions
5 mentions
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4 mentions


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Oct 12, 1869