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Feb 18, 1870

Journal Entry

February 18, 1870 ~ Friday

18 I spent the day in the Legislative council untill 4 ock in the
[FIGURES] morning it being the last day of the session I received
a letter from Seth Woodruff to Betsey Alvord containing $10
from Ann to have. I wrote 2 letters one to Seth Woodruff &
one to Betsey Alvord. Our Acting Governor Sect Mann
has signed all the Bills of this session Except a Mining Bill
& one to work Prisioners on the public roads. we got out a vary
important Bill a lengthy code of practice in civil cases which was
vary laborious on the members of the Legislature with the other Business
Mr Mann has acted most of A man of any person we have had
for govornor Except Brigham Young since we have been in this


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Cossett, Anna
21 mentions
Alvord, Betsey Cossett
19 Jan 1806 - 5 Feb 1884
100 mentions
Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3304 mentions
Apostle, Family
Woodruff, Seth
15 Dec 1822 - 30 Jul 1900
23 mentions
3 mentions


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Church membership 90,130; population of Utah Territory 86,336; population of 38 United States 39,820,000.
Utah women given the right to vote; Liberal (non-Mormon) Party formed opposing People's (Mormon) Party.

Feb 18, 1870