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Nov 9, 1871

Journal Entry

November 09, 1871 ~ Thursday

9. [FIGURE] David & Myself went to the Canyon to get wood as it was
all the way down Hill we put on about 2 cords of Dry Quaking Asp
& while going down a vary steep of some 8 rods the ring of the neck yoke
Broke at the top & the waggon went down with great force one Mule

fell Just as the waggon stoped the Tounge run into the ground 6 foot
the waggon stoped with the off Mule Back of the foorre wheel & was pined
fast to the ground with the swaybar across his back & he had to lie there
untill I unbound the load & unloaded 2 cords of wood, then uncopled
the waggon & dug the tongue out of the ground with an Ax & turned the
wheels over off from his back I hought the Mule must have been
Near dead but he got up & shook himself & soon went to Eating the
Neck yoak & Irons off both whippletrees were broke yet I straped
them up & got home with one cord of wood


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Woodruff, David Patten
4 Apr 1854 - 20 Jan 1937
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Nov 9, 1871