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Jan 13, 1873

Journal Entry

January 13, 1873 ~ Monday

13 I spent the day in getting up Names for a company
to go & form a New Settlement South of the Colorado [Mountain]
I attended the school of the Prophets in the Evening at the
City Hall we had a snow storm at night


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Discourse 1873-01-13
Elder W. Woodruff, said, all the outside world were united in fighting against Zion—and the great work of the Almighty God had to be carried out by the handful of people in these vallies—and if we have not faith enough as yet, to enter into the Order of Enock, we surely have sufficient to enter upon an effort of co operation, like the one suggested. We are too anxious to get rich as a people, and get Railroad stock, or Bank stock &c


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Jan 13, 1873