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Feb 8, 1873

Journal Entry

February 08, 1873 ~ Saturday

8. I spent most of the day cutting brush I attended a meeting of the
D A & M Society in the Evening but hearing the alarm of Fire we went
^[FIGURE]^ after that I received a letter from Emily & David saying that Sarah
was Delivered of a son Feb 2nd at 6 oclock PM. Mother & child
both vary feeble


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Woodruff, David Patten
4 Apr 1854 - 20 Jan 1937
219 mentions
Woodruff, Edward Randolph
2 Feb 1873 - 8 Feb 1873
4 mentions
Woodruff, Emily Jane Smith
28 Oct 1850 - 8 May 1878
34 mentions
Woodruff, Sarah Brown
1 Jan 1834 - 9 May 1909
694 mentions


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Feb 8, 1873