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Mar 23, 1896

Journal Entry

March 23, 1896 ~ Monday

23 I spent the day in the office we Paid a $5000 Dollar Note
in Calafornia And Mr Banigan sent on the Electric power
Company Account as the first paymen $80000 I wrote
to Wm Woodruff at Spragueville Owswego Co NY
& sent him $20. We had a good Deal of talk upon
our contract with Mr Banagan


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Woodruff, William Thompson
1 Aug 1859 - 7 Apr 1935
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Letter from G. W. Wattles, 23 March 1896

Salt Lake City Pres. Wilford Woodruff and Hon. George Q. Cannon City My Dear Sirs, A delegation of ten representative citizens of Omaha, Neb. arrived in your city last Evening representing the Trans- Mississippi and International Ex- position. This delegation would be pleased to call on you at any hour during the day you may indicate and pay their respects and confer with you regarding the objects of their visit. If agreeable to you kindly name the hour and place most con- venient for you to receive the delegation. Very Respectfully G. W. Wattles Pres. Ex. Co.

Letter from Parley Smoot, 23 March 1896

Provo City, Utah, Pres. Wilford Woodruff. Salt Lake City Dear Brother, Your favor of 16th inst. notifying me that I, with others, have been selected as a missionery to Switzerland and Germany, to leave here in Sept. 1896 is recd Replying will say that I accept the call with much pleasure, and feel proud that I am considered worthy by the servants of the Lord, to be thus honored, and will not permit any obstacles to interfer with my being ready to start at the time named, and will go in the hope that through the blessings of the Lord I will be enabled to perform my duty well, and fill an honorable and profitable mission Your Brother in the Gospel, Parley Smoot Andrew Knudsen Bp 1st Ward

Letter to Presidency of Bingham Stake, 23 March 1896

Salt Lake City, Utah, . ELDERS JAMES E. STEELE, ROBERT L. BYBEE, JOS. S. MULLINER, Presidency of the Bingham Stake. Dear Brethren: Your letter of the 13th inst., addressed to President George Q. Cannon, contains an enquiry concerning the correct language to be used in ordaining a man to the office of an Elder. You say some little difference of opinion exists among the brethren of your Stake on this point. We do not like to write out a form of ordination for the office of an Elder. But it is a very simple ceremony, as are all the ceremonies connected with the ordinances. This is beautifully illustra- ted in the form which the Lord gives, on page 609 of the Book of Mormon, concerning the ordination of Priests and Teachers. There are some people who seem to attach great importance to phraseology, and are very technical, and think things are not done right unless every word is spoken just as it should be. This is not right. A spirit of that kind leads to disputations as to forms; and we find considerable of that arising from time to time in theological clas- ses and among others. That which is necessary in ordaining a man is to ordain him to the office in the Aaronic Priesthood or the Melchisedek Priesthood (whichever it may be) by the authority of tyhe Holy Priesthood

Letter from Andrew B. Christensen, 23 March 1896

Provo, President Wilford Woodruff. Salt Lake City. Dear Brother: Your call for me to go to Scandinavia on a mission was received. Can say, wherever you see fit to place me will be in harmony with my feelings. With the Lord's help shall be ready to leave Salt Lake City in July as stated. Your Brother in the Gospel, Andrew B. Christenson Endorsed by Christian A. Madsen Bishop of Gunnison Ward Sanpete Stake


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Wilford and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles issue Political Manifesto about separation of church and state.

Mar 23, 1896