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Collection Name Wilford Woodruff collection, 1831-1905
Collection Description Wilford Woodruff, letter, New Egypt, New Jersey, to Phebe Woodruff, Montrose, Iowa, 1839 November 24
Collection Number MS 19509
Collection Page 1-3
Source Link The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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Carter, Ilus Fabyan
8 Nov 1816 - 11 Dec 1888
403 mentions
Clark, Hiram, b. 1795
22 Sep 1795 - 28 Dec 1853
115 mentions
Foss, Sarah Brackett Carter
30 Sep 1800 - 4 Mar 1894
180 mentions
Higbee, Elias
23 Oct 1795 - 8 Jun 1843
21 mentions
Holmes, Milton
16 Jan 1811 - 30 Apr 1881
217 mentions
James, Samuel
1806-aft. 1880
15 mentions
Muliner, Samuel Mulliner
15 Jan 1809 - 25 Feb 1891
34 mentions
Patten, David Wyman
14 Nov 1799 - 25 Oct 1838
136 mentions

Pratt, Orson
19 Sep 1811 - 3 Oct 1881
1038 mentions
Pratt, Parley Parker
12 Apr 1807 - 13 May 1857
527 mentions
Rigdon, Sidney
19 Feb 1793 - 14 Jul 1876
209 mentions
Scammans, Luther
7 Dec 1808 - 10 Jul 1878
73 mentions
Taylor, John, b. 1808
1 Nov 1808 - 25 Jul 1887
1858 mentions
Taylor, Leonora Cannon
6 Oct 1796 - 9 Dec 1868
47 mentions
72 mentions
Webster, Eunice Hart Woodruff
19 Jun 1821 - 15 Jun 1853
263 mentions
26 mentions
Woodruff, Azubah Hart
31 Jul 1792 - 20 Mar 1851
255 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1558 mentions
Woodruff, Sarah Emma
14 Jul 1838 - 17 Jul 1840
161 mentions
Wright, Alexander
27 Jan 1804 - 3 Aug 1876
19 mentions


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Phebe I know you have made sacrafices, & great ones to, you have made them for Jesus Christ & his cause, & you have made them for me: some of them have been of such a nature that it hath required all the powers of the soul to pass through them, & those sacrifces still continue, even our seperation is required for a season in order to do the will of God, but I think you are sensible that no worldly honour or Earthly gain would cause this our seperation No nothing but the commandment of God. Notwithstanding the gate is strait & the way is narrow O! do not shun it, walk in it, yes walk in it for my sake, & seek not death, but livie, yes live for me. Our sorrows, our trials, our sacrafices soon will end, & in that rest that remains for the people of God thou shalt be comforted. Stand by me & maintain thine integrity untill we enter those glories that are to be revealed at the comeing of Christ & thy joy shall be full. O! the glories of a celestial Kingdom I long for thee, for thee I pay my sacrafice. O! kind hearer seal my prayer, grant my request, give me an enterence with my rib my child within thy gates, & glorify our souls with Eternal light & truth & united pow- ers inseperable. Ah Phebe I have had to much of a taste of those Eternal & Almighty truths appertaining to the Celestial Kingdom of God, to let go my grasp I have put my hand to the plough I cannot look back, I must finish my work that My father hath given me to do, & I have confidence to believe that I shall have your assistance unto the End.
~ Wilford Woodruff
Should it be our lot to enjoy a long Eternity together in that society whare tears are wiped from all faces & sorrow & sighing are known no more, we should not regret having passed through trials here in the flesh. All the ancient Saints & Jesus Christ not excepted had their trials to pass through but they are now glorified, & as it is now our turn & we are living in this last dispensat ion & have a great work to do, then should we not act nobly, walk by faith & do our work in patience untill we can say it is finished. We are not alone in this great cause, the Heavens are deeply interested in our welfare, our cause, & our work.
~ Wilford Woodruff