Letter from John Milton Bernhisel, 14 December 1849

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    Washington City Dec. 14, 1849 Dear Brother, I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your letters ^dated^ at Bordentown & New York, as well as three letters from your friend Mr Carter to member of Congress. The petition for a territorial government to which the signa- tures are affixed will not be presented to Congress, but the memorial accompanying the Constitution which asks for our admission as a state, or for such other form of government as Congress may grant us—I had a ...
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    a speaker are as remote as they were at the commencement of the session. Yesterday Mr Mead of Va called Mr Duer of N. Y. a liar which was followed by a scene that may be more easily imagined than described. The report this morning is that Mead will challenge Duer to mortal combat, and in the event of his declining, which Madam Vernons says he will, then he (Mead) will attack him in the street or wherever he may meet him—This will be an ...
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    John M. Bernhisel Dec 15th 1849