Abraham (OT)

Abraham, son of Terah, was the prophet with whom the Lord made the Abrahamic Covenant and promised to bless his seed for all generations. He is a scriptural figure referred to by Wilford Woodruff.


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    April 7, 1837 ~ Friday April 7th [FIGURE] I spent the day in writing my Journal. & when the shades of evening began to appear I repaired to the house of the LORD in company with Elders Milton Holmes, & Joseph B Nobles for the purpose of worshiping God we entered one of the stands within the veils & fell upon our knees & satan appeared also but not to worship God but to deprive us of the privilege Satan strove against us with great ...
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    April 15, 1837 ~ Saturday WILLFORD. WOODRUFFs Patriarchal Blessing Receieved April 15th 1837 At a blessing meeting held at the LORDs house in Kirtland Ohio on the 15th day of April AD. 1837. Joseph Smith sen the Patriarch of the church of latter day saints confered a blessing upon the head of Willford Woodruff son of Aphek Woodruff born in Farmington Hartford County Connt March the 1st 1807 My Beloved Brother I lay my hands ...
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    February 24, 1838 ~ Saturday Feb 24 We walked from Belfast to Northport and was kindly entertained at Mr Benjamin Stephens [FIGURE] I wrote two letters one to Sister Townsend & the other to Elder Milton Holmes. I preached at early candlelight in the schoolhouse at Northport upon the Book of Mormon spent the night at Mr Stephen's distance 4 miles February 25, 1838 ~ Sunday 25 Sunday preached at the schoolhouse In the forenoon Elder
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    Reflections From Adam man decended & prospered & blessed untill he polluted the earth by sin & wickedness to that degree that God destroyed the whole world by a flood except 8 souls & they went forth & again peopled the earth & was always blessed when they kept the Commandments of God & was cursed when they broke them. God blessed Abram & made Covenants with him & his seed. Though Israel was in slavery as it were under Pharrio yet when they ...
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    are several parties belonging to her societ[y] this party that spoke call themselves the ten tribes of Israel they gather to England which they consider the promised land th[ey] wear long beards & circumcise keep the law of Moses & omit the first principles of the gospel Baptism &c, they are the ownly ones tha[t ] will have a body like Christ Abram all the proph[ets] & Apostles will have a body inferior to theirs & will inherit a Celestial ...
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    number of sculptures, was Nero, Trajan The God Ammon. Shakespere, Huercules, Appollo, Thalia, Diana, Domitia, Homer, Minerva, & hundreds of others, An article called the Portland Vase is the choiceest article of any one thing among the Antiquities as it is the ownl[y] thing of the Kind known in the world, This celeb rated Barberini Vase was for more than two centuries ...
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    LEAVES FROM MY JOURNAL. in the book of Enoch, and are to be testified of in due time." Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Patriarchs, and blessed their posterity. All that Jacob said and scaled upon the heads of his twelve sons has been fulfilled to the very letter, as far as time has permitted. We also have Patriarchs in our day. Father Joseph Smith, the father of the Prophet Joseph Smith, was the first ...
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    January 24, 1870 ~ Monday Jan 24 I met with the Legislative Council & spent the forenoon I called upon President Young while there I had an interview with Mr John E. Cowles son of Egbert Cowles of Farmington Connecticut He is the first man I have met with from my Native town for the last 20 years. He gave me a great deal of information concerning all the inhabitants of my Native town. I attended the lecture delivered in the
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    June 22nd 1870 ~ Wednesday B Young Jr Prayed President Young spoke 38 M[inutes] He said If I was to ask how many there are here today who was in Jackson Co I think there would be but few, or in Kirtland or far west but few I contrast the groth of this people with these days In the days of Joseph it was a hard Matter to get the people to believe in Revelation. But I told the people the day ...
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    January 1, 1867 ~ Tuesday Jan 1st 1867 The year 1867 is before us, every year grows more and more important in the great Events of the Last days as we Approach nearer and nearer the coming of the Son of Man. The Events of the last days will be awful for the wicked, and Blessed for the righ[t]e- ous. The Lord hath commenced a controversy with the Nations and he will never cease untill that consu- mption decreed will be fulfilled upon all the wicked what 1867 will bring to ...