Alonzo Thurstin

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    October 1, 1838 ~ Monday Oct 1st It is unusally warm for the season. I conveyed Sister Rhoda Scamans home in a waggon we are still waiting in great anxiety for the camp to arive. O how slow they moove 10 miles October 2, 1838 ~ Tuesday 2nd Elder Townsend has this morning started for the east to look up the camp of the saints to see whare they are & what they are about that they do not get along [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Mr
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    & family, Ebenezer Carver & family & a young man by the name of Alonzo Thurstin. From Camden Daniel Whitley & family, from Scarborough Elder James Townsend & family, & Elder Willford Woodruff & family this camp consisted of 8 families the whole numbering 53 persons we had 10 waggons & 19 horses & after being set in order we rode to Saco 4 miles to Kenebunk 9 miles & camped for the night by a ...
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    We immediately commenced nailing and painting the wagon covers and preparing them against stormy weather. I discovered that the company needed a leader. I laboured with them until night and then returned to Father Carter's. It was an affecting time to Phebe as she was about to part from all her relatives. We spent most of the ^next^ day in painting and preparing our waggons for the journey. At about 2 o'clock p.m. we bid our friends and relatives farewell. Many tears were shed; but Mrs Woodruff manifested great fortitude ...