Cornelius Gilliam

Cornelius Gilliam (1798-1848) was born 13 Apr. 1798 near Mount Pisgah, Buncombe Co., North Carolina. He was the son of Epaphroditus Gilliam and Sarah Ann Israel. He married Mary Crawford about 1820 in Ray Co., Missouri. He was sheriff of Clay Co., Missouri and met with the Zion's Camp, including Wilford Woodruff, on 22 Jun. 1834. He died 24 Mar. 1848 near Umatilla River, Clackamas Co., Oregon Territory.


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    entertain fears that our brethren in- tend to invade their territory in a hostile manner. We assure you that their fears are groundless,—such is not and never was our intention Signid W. W. Phelps W. E. McLellian A. S. Gilbert John Corrill Isaac Morley. To S. C. Owen and others of the Jackson Co. Committee." ^*2nd page 70 follows this^ June 22, 1834 ~ Sunday Sunday 22nd. Br. Lyman ...
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    been discovered or made known to my enemies since I left Kirtland. Gil- lium then gave us some instructions concerning the manners, customs, and dispositions of the people &c and what course we ought to pursue to secure their favor and protection, making certain inquiries to which we replied; these were afterward published and will appear under date of publication. I received the following revelation given on Fishing River Mo., June 22nd 1834. ^See Rev. June 22nd 1834.^ 1st Verily I say unto ...
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    covenanted with uplifted hands to Heaven that they would humble themselves the Lord and keep his commandments and obey the counsel of the Prophet, the power of God rested upon them and we were all bathed in tears. There was not another case of cholera among the saints from that hour." This day the "Enquirer" published the cor- respondence between the Sheriff and the Camp, of the 22nd of June, as follows: "Being a citizen of Clay County and knowing that there is considerable excitement amongst the people thereof; and also ...
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    off from their peeled fingers while they were swaring that they could not go to fight "Joe Smith but what thare must be a Hail storm sent or some other Damned damned thin[g] kicked up to stop them["] and after the mob had had spent that Dreary night in the midst of the pelting storm, all their amunictian wet many of their Horses gone they were willing to return home & as soon as Arangements could be made this forlorn hope took the back tract to Jackson County & other places to Joined the ...