Daniel Appleton

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    6. Arithmetic.—Arithmetical principles from the beginning to com- pound numbers and common and decimal fractions, inclu- sive. 7. Geography.—Essential features of mathematical, topical, and po- litical geography, as presented in recognized standard Geog- raphies. Recommended for study.—Appleton's Standard Higher Geography. 8. Spelling—Dictation from text-books used in this grade, with proper capitalization, syllabication, and punctuation; common abbreviations, etc. Recommended for study.—Harrington's Speller; simple rules of punctuation as laid down in Swin- ton's New English Grammar and Composition. 9. Writing.—Analysis of letters, specimens of handwriting, and blackboard ...
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    3. Practice of Teaching.—Ability to conduct classes in the curricu- lum of this grade; class exercises in the respective branches will be given. Well attested experience in actual teaching will be considered to the advantage of the candidate. 4. Grammar and Composition.—Etymology and syntax; various kinds of style in English writing; compositions on given subjects. Recommended for study:—Swinton's New English Grammar and Composition; Kellogg's Text Book on Rhetoric, first part (to page 83). 5. Arithmetic.—Arithmetical principles and calculations as in Harper's Second Book (complete) ...