David Whitmer

David Whitmer (1805-1888) was born 7 Jan. 1805 in Pennsylvania. He was the son of Peter Whitmer Sr. and Mary Musselman. He married Julia Ann Jolly on 9 Jan. 1831. He was baptized in Jun. 1829 in Seneca Co., New York. He served alongside Wilford Woodruff in church leadership positions in Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio and Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois. He died 25 Jan. 1888 in Richmond, Ray Co., Missouri.


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    January 4, 1837 ~ Wednesday Jan 4th I met in company with the high school of Kirtland in the house of the Lord for the purpose of a public examination it being the last day of the first quarter the examination lasted about three hours then after an intermission of one hour we again repaired to the house & herd an interesting lecture deliver'd on Education By Professer Haws We have now a vacation of four weeks & the next term will then commence January 5, 1837 ...
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    January 16, 1837 ~ Monday Jan 16th Elder Abram O Smoot was again attacked by the destroyer which brought him upon a bed of Great disstress We immediately called upon the Elders of the Church. Viz. Elders O Hide & E ^H C^ Kimble of the twelve & B. Nobles, M. Holmes, & myself of the first Seventy We prayed with & for him & lade hands upon him according to the scriptures & he was immediately healed of his ...
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    November 5th 1834 Brother Lyman Wight called a vote to recommend Brother Stephen Winch ester, Heman T Hide and myself to the high council for ordination it was a full vote and at the next meeting of the high council we were recommended by Lyman Wight, Amasa Lyman Elias Higby and Zebedee Colton all high priests to the council and there was a vote taken and carried by the high council to ordain us priests. And Brother ...
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    THE DESERET NEWS. TRUTH AND LIBERTY. No. 19. FILLMORE CITY, WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1858. VOL VIII. [Column 1] HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. (FROM HIS OWN PEN.) -[CONTINUED.]- March 2—We cut down a large cotton wood tree, and in two days dug out a canoe four feet wide and twelve long, put on a pair of oars and then rowed down the Arkansas river, 125 miles to Little Rock, begging our food by the way, a meal ...
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    —29—Presidents Joseph Smith and O. Cowdery addressed the Saints in the Temple. Joseph blessed the peo- ple in the name of the Lord, and said, if we would be faithful, we should arise above our embarrassments, and be delivered from the hands of our enemies. —30—I wrote an article on faith, which was published in the Messenger and Advocate. Feb. 19—I attended meeting at the Temple. President Joseph Smith had been absent on ...
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    March 7, 1853 ~ Monday March 7th [FIGURE] I wrote 4 letters to I F Carter Maine & Mo St Louis J M. Bernhisel washington H. S. Eldridge St Louis Mo, requesting them to let I F Carter have $1000 or $1400, & I would pay them here & I spent the day on the public work March 8, 1853 ~ Tuesday to March 12, 1853 ~ Saturday 8 9, 10, 11, 12 ...
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    I attended this school through the winter I attended ^the evening^ meetings with the ^Seventies^ 70s during and other Quorums as I had an opportunity during the winter of 1836 & 7 and received much valuable instruction. On the evening of the 20th Dec 1836 I was present at the organization of the third Quorum ^of seventies^ & their was 27 ordained ^among them A. O. Smoot^ into that Quorum during this meeting among the number ^of seventies^ was A. O. Smoot who had accompanied me to Kirtland On
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    B Nobles M Holmes and myself when he was ^and^ immediately healed. 17th I met with the Quorums of the Seventies and heard a lecture delivered by David Whitmore He warned the Elders to humble themselves before the Lord lest his hand be laid upon us in anger for the sins and pride which the Elders and Saints were running into in our days of prosperity as did the Ancient Nephites. 24th I met in the evening with the Seventies several were ordained into the
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    5th, and after lbouring dilegently three days in succession, it was unanim- ously agreed upon, that the town pPlatt, with 4 ^four^ eighties adjacent to the platt, should be at the disposal of the Bishop and his council the High Council, the two presidents, and the two apostles. During this labour the two presidents acknoledged they were wrong, and they to all appearance willingly suffered themselves to be corrected by the Council. In the begining of May following, the Council again met, and resolved to to have the above m^n^amed property transfered into the hands of the bishop ...
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    ceive his endowments with power from on high, and also to stand in his office of Bishop to purchase lands in the state of Missouri. Wm. W. Phelps was called and chosen to go to Kirtland and receive his endowments with power from on high and help carry on the printing establishment in Kirtland until Zion is redeemed. Isaac Morley and John Corrill were called and chosen, and it was appointed unto them to receive their endowments ^in Kirtland^ ...