Ezra Thayer

Ezra Thayer (1791-1862) was born 14 Oct. 1791 in New York. He married Elizabeth Frank. He was baptized in 1830 in New York. He served with Wilford Woodruff in Zion's Camp in 1834 and in Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio. He died 6 Sep. 1862 in Cass Co., Michigan.


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  • Page 257

    May 7th I had an interview with Elder Whittaker he assisted me to pile some wood in the suller. It was a hard rainy day Sister Barbara Neff spent the day with us May 8, 1844 ~ Wednesday 8th I spent the day in company with Mrs Woodruff in the garding garden weeding May 9, 1844 ~ Thursday May 9th 1844 I arose in the morning and aranged some domestic affairs & was again under the necessity of parting ...
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    All of which persons were then ordained unto the offices assigned them under the Hands of Elders W. Woodruff G. A. Smith & Ezra Thayer Appropriate remarks were then made by Elders Woodruff & Smith by way of council & instruction to those who had been ordained, & was followed by Elder David Savage. Adjourned to Sunday 10 oclok May 19, 1844 ~ Sunday 19th Met persuant to adjournment, opened by singing, & prayer by Elder A. M. Wilsey A discourse was ...
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    of heavy timber of beach maple, ash, oak, & untill we reached little prairie round, which is a fine prairie, their is much good timber betwen little prairie round & Kallamazoo yet the land is mostly poor, many oak barrens, sandy, & stoney land, we pronounced Kalamazo the best town we had seen since we left Nauvoo the town of Comstock north of Calamazoo River is heavy timbered, the country is ordinary everidge of land May 26, 1844 ~ Sunday 26th Sunday we spent the day ...
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    viz. S Bent C. C. Rich & D Fulmer; 5 of the High Priest quorum. viz H. Green. Z. Coltrin. Moses, Smith. E. Thayer & G. Coltrin. 8 of the Seventies, viz E, Lee Thomas Dunn E. M. Webb. P. Webb. D. Hatch, J. H. Perry, W Hubbard. J. Vandeusan & D. Cornish. 14 Elders viz. E. Lee. J. Cramer. S. C. Willard ...
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    followed by Elder. Z. Coltrin, And in the Afternoon by Elder G. A. Smith, followed by Elders D. Fulmer S. Bent. & C. C. Rich, all of which ably set forth the first principles of the gosepl of Christ, & delivered their testimony (attended with the spirit & power of God) unto the audiance who sat in silence manifesting great interest and attention. At the close of the meeting that warmth of friendship, & ^feeling of^ kindness of that ...
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    with the Twelve, and remained in the printing-office until the 20th of Janu- ary 1844, when I closed the business, and left it well supplied with materials in the hands of Elder John Taylor. I built a two story brick house upon my lot. In the spring of 1844, I was ap- pointed a mission to go through the Eastern States with the Quorum of the Twelve, and on the 9th of May 1844, I took the last parting hand with President ...
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    ^closed^ my business in the office and left it well supplyed with materials in the hands of Elder Taylor. I built me a ^finished^ ^built a two story^ brick house upon my lot which had been some two years in building I received a mission in the spring to go through the Eastern states with the Quorum of the Twelve and on the 9th of May 1844 I took the last parting hand with President Joseph Smith in his own house in company with J. M. Grant ...
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    Brother Parley P. Pratt broke his harness; the brotherin fastened their ropes to his wagon and drew it about three miles to the place of encampment on the Sci- oto, river, while he was riding in his wagon singing and whistling. May 14, 1834 ~ Wednesday 14th Wednesday. We traveled on to Belle Fountain where we discovered refrectory feeling in Sylvester Smith who expressed great dissatisfaction because we were short of flour; although we had used all diligence to procure a supply ...
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    so long pursued in very closely, changeing their dress and horses several times a day. Brother Eleazer Miller with others joined the company with three horses about noon, a little east of Rochester. This recrute was very seasonable as many of our horses were afflicted as they very frequently were in changing country climate and food. Many of the horses after eating dry corn and prairie grass would be served with colic cholic, and bloat very badly. Brother Ezra Thayer administered a medacine mixed in a great stone bottle ...
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    by our enemies for our religion, and that we had come one thousand miles to assist our brethren to bring them clothing, &c and to reinstate them upon their own lands, and that we had no intention to molest or injure any people, but to administer to the wants of our afflicted friends; and that the evil reports circulated about us were false and got up by our enemies to procure our destruction. When I had closed a lengthy speech the spirit of which melted them into compassion they arose and offered me their hands and ...