George Miller

George Miller (1794-abt. 1856) was born 25 Nov. 1794 near Stanardsville, Orange Co., Virginia. He was the son of John Miller and Margaret Pfeiffer. He married Mary C. Fry on 25 Jun. 1822. He was baptized 12 Aug. 1839. He gave Wilford Woodruff and other missionaries a horse to ride through Illinois in 1839. He died between Jul. 1856 and Aug. 1857.


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    with those men who are going away to take a ^& taking^ company with them, that they shall take all they can but ^although^ the Twelve will blow it up in public but ^yet^ privately ^they^ wish it to go on, but if it was the last words I had to say before going into the Eternal world I would swear by the Holy Trinity that it was ^is^ utterly fals and not a word of truth in it, their is no man ^that has^ any right to lead away one soul out ...
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    COUNCIL At a council held at Far West by the Twelve, High Priests, Elders, & Priests on the twenty sixth of April 1839 The following resolutions were adopted Resolved that the following persons should be no more fellowshiped in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but excommunicated from the same, viz Isaac Russel, Mary Russel, John Goodson & wife, Jacob Scott senr & wife, Isaac Scott, Jacob Scott Jun ...
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    August 9, 1844 ~ Friday Aug 9th I spent part of the day in writing in the afternoon I attended a council. it is gloomy times in Nauvoo as the Prophet and Patriarch is gone and their appears to be but little ambition to do any thing ownly their they are to work vary busy on the Temple. we appoin[te]d two trustees in trust for the church viz Geo Miller & N K Whitney August 10, 1844 ~ Saturday ...
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    Voted that the general superintendance direction and control of the emigration in England to be at the disposal of Brigham Young President of the quorum of the Twelve. W Richards Clerk B Young President August 13, 1844 ~ Tuesday 13th Elder O. Hyde returned home to Nauvoo to day. I rode in company with Sister Brown Mrs Woodruff to Sister Browns. August 14, 1844 ~ Wednesday ...
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    Mr George Miller offered himself for Baptism after meeting. I rode to McComb from then[ce] to Father John Coltrins & spent the night. I was weak & feble with the exercises of the day distance 14 m August 12, 1839 ~ Monday Aug 12th Br Taylor Baptized Mr Miller. I spent the day with Br Zebedee Coltrin. I am gaining in strength I spent the night at Br John Vance 8 m August 13 ...
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    LEAVES FROM MY JOURNAL Brother Taylor was about the only man in the quorum that was not sick. Soon a brother came along with a wagon, and took us in. As we were driving through the place, we came to Parley P. Pratt, who was stripped to the shirt and pants with his head and feet bare. He was hewing a log, preparing to build a cabin. "He said: "Brother Woodruff, I have no money, but I have an empty purse, which I will give you ...
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    THE DESERET NEWS. TRUTH AND LIBERTY. No. 21. FILLMORE CITY, WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 1858. VOL. VIII. [Column 1] HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. (FROM HIS OWN PEN.) -[CONTINUED.]- March 8, 1839—I attended a conference at Springfield, Illinois. —13—I took my family and started for Quincy, where I arrived on the 16th. I dined with Emma Smith at Judge Cleveland's. I then went on to the bank of the ...
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    I landed, I laid down upon the bank of the river on a side of sole leather. The Prophet Joseph came along and looked at me, and said, "You are starting on your mission." I said yes, but I look like a poor instrument for a missionary; I look more fit for a hospital or dissecting room than a mission. He replied, "What do you say that for? Go ahead in the name of the Lord, and you shall be healed and blessed on your mission." I ...
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    January 27, 1847 ~ Wednesday 26 27th I spent the day at home & in the evening I attended meeting with our ward & Br Taylors word together Br Phelps addressed the meeting and I followed him & we had a good time January 28, 1847 ~ Thursday 278th [FIGURE] This was a vary busy day I let Br Burgess have my team to go to Hunsakers ferry I also fitted out Br Luce with two teams to ...
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    in that place they contributed ^$9^ to our necessities and George Miller gave us a horse as Father Coultrin was going east he took us into his waggon to help us along we spent 5 days in Springfield where Elder Taylor printed fifteen hundred copies of a pamphlet upon the Missouri persecution also had a trial with Elder Babbit having prepared a charge against him for improper conduct. We sold our horse in Springfield, and left on the 21st continued our ...