Hosea Stout

Hosea Stout (1810-1889) was born 18 Sep. 1810 near Pleasant Hill, Mercer Co., Kentucky. He was the son of Joseph Stout and Anna Smith. He married Samantha Peck on 7 Jan. 1838. He was baptized 24 Aug. 1838. He served with Wilford Woodruff in church and community positions throughout his life. He died 2 Mar. 1889 in Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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  • Page 314

    Oct 22nd 1871 Sunday Afternoon O Pratt spoke one hour & 30 Minutes I met with the Presidency & Twelve for Prayer October 23, 1871 ~ Monday to October 27, 1871 ~ Friday 23rd to 27. I spent the week diging carrotts & Beets & choring [FIGURE] President Young & G. A. Smith with several others started South to spend the winter October 28, 1871 ~ Saturday 28 Oct 1871 [FIGURES] I met with the school ...
  • Page 324

    January 1, 1872 ~ Monday Jan 1, 1872 It is snowing most of the day I called upon President G. A. Smith in the morning had some conversation with him I then called upon President Young & spent Near an hour with him I Bid him a happy New Year after conversing a short time with him I took John Henry Smith & went to the City Hall & visited Hosea Stout, Brother Blythe, B ...
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    Jan 2nd 1872 Church appeared in the Court room to answer to the writ Fitch & Hemstead appeared as his council & asked for Bail. Bates the Prosicuting Attorney also Asked for Bail & Put the sum at $500000. MCKean the Judge Refused Bail But put President Young into the Hands of the Marshall to be confined in one of President Youngs own Homes then President Young returned to his own house ...
  • Page 358

    November 25, 1872 ~ Monday Nov 25, 1872 25 I spent the day at home choreing & attended A council in the Evening in the [FIGURE] City hall I received a letter from David November 26, 1872 ~ Tuesday to November 28, 1872 ~ Thursday 26, 27, 28. I spent the time husking corn & putting up fodder November 29, 1872 ~ Friday 29. I came to the City spent several hours with Col Saxe Paid him ...
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    January 24, 1867 ~ Thursday Jan 24th 1867 [FIGURE] I met G A Smith & others at the Historians office & W Woodruff Anointed Robert Lang Campbell & 34 wives to there second anointing one was dead. I attended A Party called reunion Missionary Party at the Social Hall we received a letter from [FIGURE] Phebe we danced & heard speeches untill 11 oclok & returned home January 25, 1867 ~ Friday 25 Jan Friday [FIGURES] ...
  • Page 293

    for they will rot in their own corruption and burn up but if any man wants to go & join the mob I hope he will get marked so as to stay marked untill the resurrection, other remarks were made & meeting dismissed September 21, 1846 ~ Monday 21st I spent a hard days work in stakeing out our new city or location September 22, 1846 ~ Tuesday 22nd A report reached us that a mob or company of armed men were coming toward ...
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    January 1, 1847 ~ Friday ^friday^ JAN 1st 1847 I spent the day aranging my journals I spent the evening with Mrs Woodruff and sister Taylor At a feast prepared by Br and sister Smoot I administered to 2 that were sick January 2, 1847 ~ Saturday 2nd I spent the day at home Father Woodruff was sick January 3, 1847 ~ Sunday 3rd Sunday I preached At Br Vancotts House to ...
  • Page 448

    In the Afternoon Orson Hyde preached unto the edefication of the people the Mail came in last night [FIGURE] I Received 3 letters from Ilus Aphek L Woodruff & Dr Bernhisel. the president Received letters from many of the Elders who bring good News. War is also proclaimed between Russia & Turkey December 5, 1853 ~ Monday to December 7, 1853 ~ Wednesday 5, 6, 7 I spent the time at home choreing & studying ...
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    October 17, 1847 ~ Sunday 17th Sunday as we had not meat enough to carry our Camp to winter Quarters it was thought wisdom for a company of hunters to return back a few miles with some waggons to the buffalo herds & procure some more meat. Twelve of us returned back 10 miles with three waggons A Lyman & myself was among the number, we pitched our camp in a little timber on a slew of water & we killed two buffalo during the ...
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    March 17, 1848 ~ Friday 17th March 1848 I spent the day at home I attended a Council of much importance in the evening. The Captain of the Policee with two others who were members of the Seventies were brought before the Presidency of the Seventies for assault & batterry & swearing. There was present but three of the Presidents of the Seventies, but the High Council was present also President Young & W Woodruff it was agreed by the parties to try the case before the High Council ...