Jaazeniah B. Smith

Jaazeniah B. Smith (unk.-unk.) married Betsey. He was part of Zion's Camp in 1834 and was a leader in Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio with Wilford Woodruff. His death information is unknown.


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    to my example, which was right. This evening Brother Parley P. Pratt and Amasa Lyman returned from the Eugene branch, Indiana, where I had sent them; with a company of about a dozen men. The report of mobs which were continually saluting our rear, caused the brotherin to be constantly alive to the subject, and about eleven oclock this evening, our picketed guard reported that they saw the fires of the mob on the south east of us. I instantly discovered the mistake, but wishing the brotherin ...
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    his tent. The whole scenery was very amus- ing. Not withstanding our enemies were continually breathing threats of vialence we did not fear, neither did we hesitate to prasecute our journey, for God was with us, and his angels were before us; and the faith of our little band was unwavering. We knew that angels were our companions, for we seen them. May 27, 1834 ~ Tuesday Tuesday May the 27th We arrived at the Okaw branch of the river Kaskaskia where we found two log canoo- es, which we ...
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    "See hell enough before morning"; and their accompanying oaths partook of all the malice of demons. They told us that sixty men were coming from Richmond, Ray County, and seventy more from Clay County to join the Jackson County mob who had sworn our utter destruction. The weather was pleasant. As Jazemiah B. Smith was taking his bedding out of the wagon he discovered a large rattle snake which he had carried with him all day. During the day the Jackson Co- unty mob to the ...