Joseph Albert Stratton

Joseph Albert Stratton (1821-1850) was born 11 Sep. 1821 in Bedford Co., Tennessee. He was the son of Calvin Stratton and Gabrela. He married Mary Ann Covington Sheffield on 17 Dec. 1846. He was baptized about 14 Feb. 1840. He was a missionary with Wilford Woodruff in England in 1845. He died 30 Oct. 1850 in Great Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory, and Wilford Woodruff spoke at his funeral.


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    January 7, 1845 ~ Tuesday 7th Spent a good part of the day at the emigrating Office No 36. Chapel St Liverpool in the evening we hired two rooms of 2 Mr Bagnall No 38 Highfield st. we moved into them I took the lower room at 3/ per week & Elder Clark the uper room at 2/. I settled the bill at Wm Powell No 11. key st £1–2s–2p we found Mr Bagnell & wife possessing a good ...
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    as I came into the Music Hall Elder Ward spoke to me & wished me to go with him to Manchester to visit the church & attend meeting in the evening as there had been an appointment for an american Elder to preach & many was expected out & no American to Preach we took cars arived in Manchester arived at meeting Just at the commencement of it. Elder Ward spoke a few moments introduced me to the meet ing I arose addressed the meeting ...
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    council I returned home & spent the night distance of the day 35 m ^Elder Stratten left for wales^ January 22, 1845 ~ Wednesday 22nd I spent the day writing an epistle to the Churches January 23, 1845 ~ Thursday 23rd This day was spent in writing also January 24, 1845 ~ Friday 24th Also January 25, 1845 ~ Saturday 25th Saturday We rented a house in Museum st of Mr George Mitten at the Bottom ...
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    came from Leeds & He came over from America with Elders Straten & Davis we were truly glad to once more meet, together though on a foreighn shore. We attended a prayr meeting in the evening. I herd the testimony of many of the saints & I occupied some time in teaching them. We spent the night at Br Child's in Wellington Street in company with Elders Sheets & Ure distance of the ...
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    July 19, 1845 ~ Saturday 19th [FIGURES] I recieved 2 letters one And wrote 3 one to Ure, one to Sheets, & one to Davis July 20, 1845 ~ Sunday July 20th Liverpool Quarterly Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints met this Sunday morning at half past ten oclock at the Music Hall Bold Street Consert street Elder Straten was Called to the Chair Elder James ...
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    March 26, 1845 ~ Wednesday 26th [FIGURE] I arived in Liverpool about 9 oclok this morning sick & weary spent a few moments in the office. I recieved several Times & Seasons & Neighbor & New York Prophet Also one letter from Elder G. A. Smith from Nauvoo. I spent the day looking them over & at night went to bed sick 2 m March 27, 1845 ~ Thursday 27 Arose in the morning sick was not ...
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    April 4, 1845 ~ Friday 4th I took cars in the morning in company with Mrs Woodruff & rode to Manchester was met at the rail road by Elders Holmes Stratten & Ross I took up my abode with John Druce No 6 Sandford street Broughton road Salford I had an interview with a number of the Saints distance 30[m] April 5, 1845 ~ Saturday 5th I spent the ...
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    being run against May 13, 1845 ~ Tuesday 13 [FIGURE] I returned to Liverpool on the railroad & recieved 3 letters one from J. D. Ross one from Dan Jones & one from Br Sheets. I also recieved one paper from Nauvoo. I returned to my family & found them well was glad to get home again May 14, 1845 ~ Wednesday 14th [FIGURE] I recieved 2 letter one from G. A. Smith ...
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    May 22, 1845 ~ Thursday May 22 [FIGURES] I recieved three letters & wrote 4 letters one to H. Clark M. Holmes L Hardy & a woman enquiring about her son 4 May 23, 1845 ~ Friday 23rd [FIGURES] I wrote 5 letters to H. C. Kimball G. A. Smith J. M. Grant, E H. Davis & John Banks I sent the American Letters by a Friend ...
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    was killed but it soon revived the man was taken up by the poliece, & fined for being drunk & carelessness. When we arived at the water the tide was out we got three cars to take the candidates down into the water and Elder Stratten went down into the sea and baptized 12 persons we had a plesant and interesting time many of the saints were present & numbers of the world & the whole company left the beach singing by the way I took supper with ...