Melinda Woodruff Hatch

Melinda Woodruff Hatch (1826-1893) was born 15 Dec. 1826. She was the daughter of Ozem Woodruff and Hannah Day Hart and a cousin of Wilford Woodruff. She married James Chandler Hatch on 22 Mar. 1875 in Farmington, Hartford Co., Connecticut. She corresponded regularly with Wilford Woodruff from 1841 to 1893. She died 29 Mar. 1893 in Avon, Hartford Co., Connecticut.


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  • Page 91

    July 22, 1841 ~ Thursday July 22nd I spent several hours with Elders Burgess & Carter from Kirtland at father Woodruffs house [FIGURE] I received a letter from Sister Phebe Wheeler [FIGURE] I wrote A letter to Sister Phebe Wheeler I also wrote a letter to Cousins John, Seth, & Melinda Woodruff. I had a visit from Mrs Mary Ann Hills Also from Aunt Anna ...
  • Page 240

    January 1, 1883 ~ Monday Jan 1, 1883 Quite a cold morning I spent a quigood part of the day in the office [FIGURE] I received 1 Letter from J. G. Bleak January 2, 1883 ~ Tuesday Jan 2, 1883 I attended the funeral of Capt Wm H Hooper a [FIGURES] large assembly met to view the body but a small portion of which could get into the House to attend the service Joseph F Smith spoke 30 M[inutes] and gave a ...
  • Page 187

    Aprail 17, 1882 [FIGURE] I met with the Presidency & Twelve & Br Wm H Folsome upon the subject of Biuilding the Dining room and tower & Engine house of the St George Temple and it was decided to build it on the north side of the Temple Joining on to it. We had a rainy night I obtained a Donation of $40 from the Trustee in trust for Haden Church to assist him in necessities and deliverd the Money to him April 18, 1882 ~ ...
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    March 9, 1884 thought Different from Br Richards. He though[t] in that way a man Man would not be carrying out the Patriarchal Law of marriage if that would have answerd he did not see the necessity of the Lord commanding Joseph the Prophet to take several wifes at the same time. An Angel of God stood by him with a drawn sword and told him he should be slain & cut off from the Earth and the Kingdom of God if he did not obey ...
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    March 10, 1884 ^[FIGURE]^ I administered to 2 who were sick I set apart Caroline Stauffer as a Midwife for Willard Settlement Box Elder Settlement. March 11, 1884 ~ Tuesday 11 [FIGURE] I wrote ^3^ Letters to Brother Ray, Evans & Malinda Hatch I Paid $3.50 cts for 1 years Deseret Weekley News for Malinda March 12, 1884 ~ Wednesday 12 I worked at Wilford House in ...
  • Page 347

    March 30, 1884 G. Q. Cannon followed spoke 11 M[inutes]. I attended Meeting in the Evening at the 20 ward Meeting House & spoke one Hour March 31, 1884 ~ Monday 31 [FIGURE] I received 2 letters from Malinda Hatch & A. S. Gibbons I met with the Presidency and Twelve at 11 oclok to take into consideration any business for the conference I met with Br Nicholsons class of young men I heard some half a dozen of the young Men speak upon ...
  • Page 338

    February 21, 1884 ~ Thursday Feb 21 1884 ^[FIGURE]^ I received 2 letters from B Young & McAllister I met with the Council last Evening and this forenoon with the Presidency & Twelve upon the subject of painting the Logan Temple We concluded to leave the large upper room while I attended A meeting at the social Hall at 7 oclock President Taylor gave his views concerning the late trial of Dr Ferguson he said not one of the charges ...
  • Page 386

    August 9, 1884 ~ Saturday Aug 9th 1884 [FIGURE] I wrote 8 Letters to P. J. Christofferson O T. Woodruff Susan C. Scholes, James H Heath, Jeremiah Hatch, Henry & Nellie Woodruff, Elizabeth Malan, & Wm Budge. And took cars & rode to Provo & spent the night with [blank] 50 Miles August 10, 1884 ~ Sunday 10 Sunday A plesant Morning I ...
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    Aug 31, 1884 [FIGURE] I went down to the 3rd ward to Attend the dedication of their Meeting House. the House was full of people W. Woodruff offered the dedicatory Prayer G Teasdale spoke 11 M W Woodruff 30 M, G Q Cannon 38 M I went down to the field & spent the night 6 M September 1, 1884 ~ Monday Sept 1. I spent most of the day with Mr Bancroft [FIGURE] I received 2 letters from Malinda Hatch & Card from
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    Sept 3, 1884 Sister Smoot was buried in a deep vault it was walled up with brick laid in cement to the top of the Box when the coffin was placed in the box & the top of the Box sc^r^ewed down then the top of the Box was covered with stone slabs 2 inches thick which covers the whole Box the grave is then filled with Earth to the top at the close of the funeral the Grove was then we returned to S L C [FIGURE] and I receive 2 letters & ...