Michael Arthur

Michael Arthur (1800-1884) was born 19 May 1800 in Lexington, Fayette Co., Kentucky. He was the son of John Arthur and Dolly Winn. He married Amanda M. F. Martin on 24 May 1822. He employed Wilford Woodruff in Clay Co., Missouri. He died 8 Aug. 1884 in Liberty, Clay Co., Missouri.


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Mentioned in

  • Page 26

    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 – January 3, 1838)

    July 1st 1834 with him through the season as he had taken a job to make one hundred thousand of brick and to build a dw elling house out of the same for Mr Michael Arthur, which made labour for many of the brethren I commenced labouring at Brother Wight's about the first of July I found many great and glorious privil eges here as it was the place appointed for the meeting of the high Council & also the Elders Council and Courts to tra nsact all their ...
    July 1, 1834
  • Page 3

    Part of Letter to Lyman Wight, 1 July 1857

    as good to me to day as it was when I was with you in the old log cabin in Clay County, and milking the cows for Sister Wight and making brick for col. Arthur's house. All the world will find it is true in the end. We are living in an important day and God is bringing about his purposes and the Devil is a trying too. Great things are at the door. I say again br. Lyman come and see us, we will not ...
  • Page 14

    Part of Letter from Lyman Wight, 24 August 1857

    Our crops became free booty to their horses, hogs, cattle, &c. I was chased by about sixty of these ruffians 5 miles (or there was about 60 when they commeced and dwindl^e^d down to 62) I fled south and my wife was driven north to Clay Co and for three weeks I knew not whether my family was dead or alive, neither did they know what was my fate, at one time I was three days without food. When I found my family I found them on the north bank ...